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Gruden and Buccaneers release 1st Depth Chart of Training Camp

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released their first Depth Charts of Training Camp. Check ‘Em out below:

Based off this first Depth Chart Release, DJax may only contribute in the Return Game, though Spurlock is listed as the 1st Teamer without any company…

Although by default (Petitgout on PUP List), its nice to see Donald Penn securing the top spot at LT

Despite a fairly good off-season, Michael Clayton finds himself in the 4th spot behind Stovall/Hilliard and who can really argue with that?

Jerramy Stevens is currently sitting at 4 for a Tight End spot, that appears to be one of the more competitive positions this off-season outside of Wide Receiving.

With Chris Simms actually ahead of Rookie QB Josh Johnson on the Depth Chart, is it possible the Bucs hold on to Simms and release Johnson?

There really arent any surprises on Offense other than DJax being the 6th Receiver and the competition at Tight End…

Kevin Carter over Greg White at this juncture? Hmm

Hopefully Cato June remains healthy this season, if not, it appears Quincy Black is ready for his turn…

I think Phillip Buchanon and Jermaine Phillips will start the season, but a Tanard Jackson push by Piscitelli and Talib could occur, although I think Phillips will make it the entire season…

I really don’t see any surprises on defense other than White being shafted at the moment, Marques Douglas being 3rd in rotation when there was so much talk about him being a starter, and Sabby/Talib’s battles to push veterans out of their ways..