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Training Camp Update: On-Site Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex

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Sorry for the lack of updates to the site; I’ve been out of town for the past 7 days on a Carnival Cruise to the Western Caribbean. In short it was a fantastic vacation and much needed break. On my way back home Sunday I stopped into Bucs Training Camp for the Afternoon Practice (2:45pm – 4:00pm). Here’s a couple things I picked up on:

For those that have never been to Buccaneers Training Camp, it’s a lot like College Footballs scrimmage games (Garnet & Gold Game, Blue & Orange Game etc), without the full on scrimmage… You got two football fields side-by-side with the Offense on one and the Defense on the other for about the first 30 minutes of practice, then the units come together for two hand touch scrimmages in which McCown and Griese had their shots at moving the offense.

When arriving at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex you had to get a ticket (free) to get into the venue which I thought was weird, since the venue was free, but I guess they’re trying to keep tabs on how many folks actually attended the practice.

Although Simms was on the Practice Field, McCown, Griese, and then Rookie Josh Johnson got the reps, Simms didn’t get a single chance against the defense…

I wish I had made the Morning Practice as just about none of the Veterans made the afternoon Practice: Barber, Brooks, Dunn, Galloway etc… I can’t blame them, it was hotter than heck Sunday.

Sabby Piscitelli was getting a lot of reps with the first team Defense which was pretty cool to see. Again that first team defense was missing starters for that afternoon practice.

Rookie LB Geno Hayes (#54) got a lot of reps as well with the 1st team defense

I know it’s selfish, but I wonder what those Practice Sessions would look like had a certain #4 been behind center…

Speaking of Quarterbacks, Luke McCown looked good completing the shorter and mid range passes he attempted…

In the session I attended, i didnt get to see DJax display his returning capabilities, he did catch every pass thrown his way however…

Josh Johnson looked a lot taller than I had envisioned, his passes were crisp, and he looked to get quite a few reps despite his status on the depth chart…

It was good to see WR Paris Warren back out on the football field. Hopefully he can make a case for himself again this preseason.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of WR Antonio Bryant, but I had no such luck… Maybe in Saturday’s Pre-Season opener against the Miami Dolphins

There was a good turn out Sunday for the Practice. Tons of fans showed up.

By the pictures included in this post, its obvious I’m lacking a fairly decent camera, but it is what it is…

It sure would be nice to be able to purchase a Training Camp Jersey.. Come on Reebok!! : )

In Scott from BucStats honor, I've included a photo of Bucs Cheerleaders. This is the first pic I've ever included of Cheerleaders on this site. Something tells me Scott would be ashamed of the quality and nature of the picture, but that he would greatly appreciate the effort:

I'll post more pictures from Training Camp in the Fan Shots section of the site!!