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So you want to be a Blogger? Second Edition

Let's just get into it: Last week I asked for those interested in writing for Buc 'Em to shoot me an email with their interest. Several folks have done so. In an effort to weed out the weak links, I gave each interested party two scenarios in which to demonstrate their writing capabilities upon.

The two scenarios are as follows:

(A) Prior to the season starting, QB Jeff Garcia tears an acl, mcl, nhl, nbl you get the idea. QB Michael Vick has been released from jail and has looked good with one of those Canadian teams…. What's your argument for or against bringing Michael Vick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

(B) The Bucs are and have been lacking in the Wide Receiving department for some time. If you had the opportunity to trade for –Insert your Favorite WR here- AND you have to give up a 1st Round Draft Pick and one of the following: LB Barrett Ruud, RB Cadillac Williams, or CB Ronde Barber, make a case for the Bucs to acquire –your favorite WR-

Once you read the prospective writers responses, please continue to the bottom of this post and Vote for who you would like to see featured at Buc 'Em as a blogger. Here's the contestants responses:

Craig T:

(A): In this scenario, we're pretending (or assuming) that the Falcons decided to cut Vick and take the salary cap hit, or, for whatever reason, he isn't under contract, thus making him eligible to play elsewhere, nor is he under suspension from the NFL. A few axioms I take to heart: we're a forgiving nation; any pub is typically good pub, especially for a small market team... unless you're talking about some kind of team RICO conspiracy or other dastardly accusations; and winning is pretty much all that matters to fans in the end. Hell, forget us.... the NFL is a forgiving entity. People eventually let things go. Nobody's talked about Michael Phelps arrest after the Athens games for DUI. Ray Lewis' murder allegations have disappeared and are essentially forgotten.

As such, if faced with the likes of starting Griese/McCown/quasi moto, yes I would bring him back, especially if, as stated, he's knocked the rust off in a Canadian league. I'd imagine Gruden's ADD love affair with quarterbacks would go haywire when the Heidi Klum of the free agent quarterback crop saunters into the room. Although Vick will never go into the NFL annals as a passing quarterback, we damn well know what he can do with his legs. The first 1000-yd rushing QB. Outruns the fastest defensive backs. Historically has wreaked pure havoc on NFC South defenses.... except, of course, the Bucs defense. He'll be 29 when he's scheduled to be released from prison, so I imagine he'll still have some spring left in those legs. Clearly, in an offensive scheme that has lacked the big play potential, he'd bring to the Bucs a spark and gamebreaking element the team has sorely lacked for years, which really can't be understated.

Do we really know what he can do in the air? Probably so.... unfortunately... but let's take a look. He's never thrown for 3000 yards in a season. He's got a mediocre career quarterback rating hovering in the 70's, which is eerily close to that of fellow run-first/cover-your-eyes-when-he's-throwing Quincy Carter. Bah. He's had a season where he's almost thrown as many interceptions as touchdowns. His decisionmaking has remained suspect, with his interception totals skyrocketing over his last 3 years while his touchdowns remained low (around 1 per game). Despite his superior speed and quickness, he still averages getting sacked twice per game for his career, with those numbers increasing into the David Carr-range the past 3 years.

On the other hand, he's been chucking the ball to... well, no other way to say this... a crappy group of receivers year in and year out, the likes of which include Brian freaking Finneran, never-lived-up-to-his-billing Peerless Price, first round bust Michael Jenkins, and Roddy White (jury's still out on him). TE Alge Crumpler was his number one option. Alge Crumpler should not be a number one option for an NFL team. Ever. Could Vick develop a rapport with Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, Dexter Jackson, and Jerramy Stevens? That might be the best group of skill players he's seen in years, so why not?

How would he fit into Tampa's system? Sure, the Bucs run a complex controlled passing game suited to a quick release and an accurate arm... not exactly tailored to a quarterback with Vick's strongpoints. Would Gruden be so arrogant as to try to pigeonhole him into this system? I think he actually might at first, which could lead to frustrating results. Hopefully Gruden would look at this logically and tailor an offensive scheme designed to let Vick loose. Vick thrives in spreading the field and letting him improvise based on the defensive alignments he's faced with. He managed to succeed (relatively speaking) with a cast of meh talent. I think the Bucs current crop of receivers and backs is as good as what he worked with in Atlanta on average. (Caveat: I would be concerned with the wear and tear of running a downfield spread option passing system on the aging Galloway and Hilliard. The team sat Galloway during mid-week practices last season to conserve the wear on his achy knees, so running him downfield constantly come hell or highwater in a spread system could be a concern.) On third and 4 to third and 7, problem situational downs for the Bucs who lack a go to player, rather than running a flood pattern to one side and looking for the open man before getting sacked, imagine the benefit of having Vick run play action to freeze the middle of the defense and roll out, creating a run/pass option for the first down. Requiring a LB spy on Vick would also open up opportunities in the passing game in the middle of the field. Also, when no one's open and the pocket's collapsing, Vick takes off, where Griese goes into the fetal position under a ton of defensive lineman.

In short, despite his obvious shortcomings, he's got the playmaking ability to be worth the gamble and might already have the tools in Tampa to succeed in a spread 'em out, down the field kind of offense he's been used to. The face time the team would garner through the constant Vick updates on ESPN Countdown couldn't hurt either.

(B): Ah, well, first of all... this is if I had to make such a move. A disclaimer: I'm not a fan of trading away first round selections, especially for receiver help (unless you're trotting me and a bunch of circus clowns out wide). I think giving up a first rounder is justified when you're one piece away from competing for a Super Bowl and the window of opportunity is closing. That situation might be the case for the Bucs in the quasi-wide open NFC this year.

That said, let's first analyze which of the three choices I'd be willing to package with a first round pick. This is a no brainer for me. I can't get the name "Cadillac Williams" out of my mouth fast enough. I hate to pile on the guy, because I feel so bad for what happened to him in Charlotte last year and he's an SEC boy (and I'm an SEC homer). However, it looks like one of the knocks on him might be true... he's just too small to be an every down back and his body can't take the physical toll of toting the ball 20-25 times per game. Yes, I'm aware that an every down back isn't as necessary in a system where the short passing game is utilized in a similar way as a sweep or other outside running game. That said, there are going to be games where you need a back to give you 20-30 carries and bring a hard hat to work that day. I'm much more comfortable right now with Graham (and probably Pittman) handling that role than Williams.

Moreover, as stated, if you're a defending division champion and looking to trade a first round pick for a skill player, you're making the statement that you're ready to win right now. If the Bucs are going to make a Super Bowl run, we know that it will be based on another tremendous year from the defense. Giving up Ruud or Barber would be a significant setback to the defense, so I can't see giving up either over an offensive player who might not have a place on this team anymore and who might not ever be effective again.

Next, let's take a look at what receiver to target. The Bucs have lacked both a big target to go to on third down and in the red zone and a playmaker that can take over a game. Assuming "if I had the opportunity to trade for my favorite WR" means, in a vacuum, any wide receiver out there, I take Randy Moss and go home happy. There's your playmaker. Last year's performance speaks for itself. He's not particularly tall, but he can make any catch, jump like Super Mario, and burn anyone on any play. He's also remained healthy despite being on the skinny side. Is there any way to realistically pry him from the Pats for a first rounder and one of those three players? Ha!

If "the opportunity to trade for my favorite WR" means I need to make a case for the other team to accept a first rounder and Cadillac, let's look at some options for WR's that I like:

Reggie Wayne: if not Moss, this is my guy. Big, fast, runs great routes. Can take the shots over the middle. Imagine the catches he'd go up and make on third and 6. I'm drooling on my keyboard. However, as I fall back to earth, the Colts would not be an ideal trade partner. They don't have many holes to fill and are loaded for another title run themselves, so I don't think they'd bite on a mid-to-late first round draft pick plus one of the three players on the table in exchange for giving up what now is probably their best receiver. If, for the sake of argument they'd do it, of course I give them what they want. If they want Ruud instead of Cadillac, which would be the most likely choice based on Indy's relative need, ok.

Plaxico Burress: like a slightly lesser version of Wayne, but, as we've seen, has the ability to make the tough catch over almost anyone and take control of a game. He's also damn tough, staying on the field and remaining productive despite having a severely sprained ankle for the majority of last season. Although he's a moody player and can say some things to the media that'll make you scratch your head from time to time, he managed to get along ok with Coughlin, who drew the ire of quiet and outspoken veterans in New York the last several years. Thus, I think he and Gruden could make it work. I think the Giants would be more likely to make a deal than Indy, but it'd still be hard pressed to happen. Out of the three Bucs players listed, New York may be willing to accept a guy like Cadillac, as he could address a position of need (Jacobs is an injury waiting to happen and you can't really go with Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw, right?).

Roy Williams: give Detroit a feasible running back to let Kevin Smith develop behind and a first round pick to go with what should be another high pick for them next April, and they've got a nice foundation to build a future playoff contender, especially in the weak North. In Roy Williams, the Bucs get a young guy and a big target in the red zone and on third and short, pretty much all of which they lack. Downside: he's a free agent after the season and he's coming off a knee injury.

In summary, if this is a "no rules, just for fun" kind of scenario, I take Moss first, simply for his playmaking ability, then Wayne, then Plaxico based on the Bucs need for a playmaker and/or a big target. If we're being realistic and looking for a trade partner who'd consider the proposed trade parameters, I would target Plaxico first and then Roy Williams.


(A): Michael Vick may soon be on the market again. He seems to have found a home in the Canadian Football League. he has set multiple league records, looking quite slick lately with the Toronto Argonauts. Since his release from Federal prison late last summer, he has found his groove once again. In the recent game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Vick rushed for 132 yards and threw four touchdown passes, plus scoring one rushing touchdown of his own.

OK, I'll admit freely that 1) Canadian Football is not real football and 2) Michael Vick is a convicted felon and a dog killer. That fact alone makes him a hard property to sell. But the Buccaneers need a good quarterback to be able to defend their NFC South title and have any shot at the post season this year.

Buccaneers General Manager Bruce Allen claimed at the recent Press Conference at One Buc Place that he has not done any negotiations with the Argonauts, Vick's agent, or the NFL regarding reinstating Vick. But we have heard all of this before. Yes, fans have short memories, but I remember how Allen "did not pursue" Brett Farve.

It's not like we can trade for him, so we will have to make some room under the cap for another high-dollar player. But is Michael Vick a hot enough property to return to the NFL? Is he going to be good for the Buccaneers or such a controversial hot potato that even inviting to camp would be a flurry of negative press.

Can Vick cut it in the NFL? He has proven time and again that he can. Shoul dhe be reinstated and given a second chance? I believe that he should. There are many crimes out there I would have to say "hell no" to, such as rape, drug trafficking, and the taking of a human life.

Let's look at what Michel Vick actually did wrong. He bet on dog fighting. He owned dogs in a dog fighting ring. Some animals were destroyed. In dog fighting, it's not like in greyhound racing, where retired animals find loving homes with families with toddlers. These animals would take the face off of a child in a second, if left unattended. They are not pets, they are assets.

Was what Michel Vick did wrong? PETA thinks so.However, I believe strongly a lot of Vick's involvement was based solely on his upbringing and environment. This was not something he was casually involved with. it was part of his lifestyle, part of his upbringing. This was something he was raised into. Dog fighting was as common to him as going to the horse track or dog track is for others. It was just what you did. And terminating animals no longer good for the game was a part of that business.

Was it right? Was it wrong? It most certainly would depend on your perspective. As a poor black man, he did the right thing. He protected his business. As a rich white lawyer for animal rights groups, he was Satan Incarnate.

Did he learn "right from wrong" after three years in prison? I believe so. Will he do it again? I seriously doubt it. Do we need a good quarterback? Most certainly. I think if Vick is reinstated, Bruce Allen should pursue Vick diligently and sign him as soon as possible.

(B): The San Diego Chargers have announced, albeit quietly, that they are looking to move LaDainian Tomlinson. They just can't afford to keep him around this year, and they need to work on building fo rthe future. Tomlinson is willin gto be traded, so talks are beginning with interested teams.

I think this is something that the Buccaneers need to jump on and jump on NOW. The Chargers want a first round draft pick aand a top notch running back or defensive star to anchor their struggling defense.

I think it's time to sell the Caddy. We are deep at running back, especially with Bennett's stellar performance in the preseason and with other stars like Ernest Graham, and the return of Warrick Dunn to the roster. What has Carnell Williams done for us lately. Except for the sale of Number 24 jerseys at Wal Mart, I would have to say "not too damned much."

He has spent more time in his second and third season on the bench or injured. Sure, Cadillac, you had an awesome first season, Rookie of the Year in 2005, but what have you done for us lately? In 2005, Williams signed five year contract with the Bucs worth $31 million. We have seen very little return on that investment. It's time to sell.

Tomlinson is the best receiver in the NFL, bar none. In this complex offense, the one thing that Jon Gruden is missing is one go-to guy at wideout. Galloway, the silver fox, is not that guy. I am not convinced rookie Dexter Jackson is that guy, either. Clayton? Hilliard? Stovall? not unless the planets align and they have a breakout year.

We need LT. He is That Guy The Buccaneers do not need another broken down car in the garage. Time to cut the losses and give the Chargers what they want for LaDanian Tomlinson!

The Bull Gator:

(A): Let’s play a game of what if. Fast forward to the 2009 preseason. In a game against the Miami Dolphins, Bucs’ quarterback Jeff Garcia – who’s still around due to Luke McCown’s inability to become a worthy starter and his own realization that he’s not worth more than Tampa Bay has offered him – goes down with an injury. Although it doesn’t appear serious at first, an MRI reveals Garcia has significant ligament damage and will miss the entire season. Due to his age and the extensive rehab that would be required, Garcia decides to hang up his cleats and call it a career. Your first thoughts may be "no big loss, but then Garcia’s career will be practically over anyway," but unfortunately for the Bucs, there is no other option at quarterback. McCown just can’t seem to take the leap to the next level. Brian Griese hasn’t been brought back. Chris Simms was traded long ago. And while Josh Johnson has shown flashes in practice, he is still at least year away. To salvage the season, Tampa Bay needs a starting quarterback and fast. So where do the Bucs turn?

Up north a mobile quarterback with a strong arm has been tearing his way through the Canadian Football League. He can run circles around anyone, throw the ball a mile, and looks like a man among boys. Everything about him screams star and at 29-years-old he should have a number of years left. But NFL teams have shied away from bringing in the QB to see if he can echo that performance in the states. Why? Because that man is Michael Vick. And this is where the "what if" comes in… What if Vick was available? Should the Bucs take the chance? The easy, resounding answer is no. Say it with force. Hell, scream it if you like. NO!!! No way should the Bucs ever consider even inviting Vick for a tour of One Buc Place let alone think of letting him suit up, and I’m going to tell you exactly why.

There are two glaring reasons why Tampa Bay shouldn’t consider Vick in this scenario, but let’s start with the one on everyone’s mind. Signing Vick would be a public relations nightmare for any team at this point. He was not just suspended from the NFL, he was sentenced to serve time in jail and the reason why pretty much pushes it over the edge. Fans – and most people in general – don’t take any animal cruelty lightly. Vick’s wrongdoings are on an entire different level than say someone like Ricky Williams. What Vick did is seen as inexcusable and the Bucs or any team doesn’t need those issues to deal with on a daily basis. We could go on and on and on and on about this topic, but everyone is aware of what Vick did and why he won’t be on a football field this fall.

So, let’s move to the other reason the Bucs shouldn’t ever consider the jailed quarterback: his performance on a football field. Plain and simple, Vick just wasn’t as good as he was made out to be. Don’t get me wrong, Vick was exciting and at times very fun to watch, but look deeper into what he actually accomplished.

On one hand, Vick was a great running QB. His 3,859 rushing yards ranks third all-time among quarterbacks and his 7.3 yard per carry is very remarkable. However, he was a subpar passer. Vick does have a strong arm, but he isn’t very accurate. In his last full season, he ranked 31st in the league in completion percentage and his career number of 53.8% leaves something to be desired. With the exception of his rookie year – in which he only played in eight games – Vick did have more touchdowns than interceptions each season, but with a career-high of only 20 TD passes, this isn’t very notable. Looking at the big picture, Vick’s career quarterback rating is 75.7 and his highest single season rating was only 81.6. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t take a chance on a QB with a no better than average career rating that has as many legal issues as Vick does.

But we aren’t done just yet. There’s one other item to consider. While Vick’s career record is 38-28-1, it takes a hit when you realize he only led the Falcons to the playoffs 2 times in his 6 years with the team. It seems like Vick did a great job winning a good number more games than he lost, but he didn’t put Atlanta in any better of a position than they were before he was there. In the 6 years prior to his arrival, the Falcons also made the playoffs twice and even went to the Super Bowl in 1998.

In the end, there’s only one reason for the Bucs to consider Michael Vick in this scenario and that’s to see what he "might" be able to still do in the NFL. But the reasons not to bring him to the team – his layoff from playing, the legal issues that will follow him for the rest of his life, and his actual statistics – would have me searching elsewhere.

(B): In the second episode of what if, we’re scouring the NFL for the best receiver the Bucs can get their hands on. Anyone’s up for grabs and the asking price is set – a 1st round pick and any one of three players.

Let’s begin with who the Bucs should go after… The Bucs need a wide receiver. Plain and simple. Joey Galloway and Ike Hilliard aren’t getting any younger. Michael Clayton doesn’t seem to be getting any better. And Antonio Bryant is still a question mark. For a team that never seems to put a lot of points on the board, a game changing receiver is a must. But who?

The who is actually pretty easy in my mind. There’s been a lot of talk lately over Anquan Boldin not wanting to play for his Cardinals, but Larry Fitzgerald is actually the better choice...even if it is by a narrow margin Boldin will be 28 in a month while Fitzgerald is only just about to turn 25. While Boldin would not be a bad fit necessarily, we’ll give the edge to Fitzgerald for being younger. And there you have it. Josh Johnson, begin thinking of a new jersey number, there’s a new #11 coming to Tampa.

So now that we’ve established who the player is, why do the Bucs want him? Looking at what Fitzgerald offers, the question should be why not? Over the first 60 games of his career, Fitzgerald has 330 catches for 4,544 yards and 45 touchdowns all while playing for the perennial doormat that is the Arizona Cardinals. He’s a consistent performer, with great hands, playmaking ability, and by all accounts a good attitude. There are other good, young receivers out there, but the last thing the Bucs need is a head case. With Fitzgerald, Tampa Bay would be getting a player that gives his all 100% of the time and still has many, many good years ahead of him.

Now on to part two of this version of what if; what do you give up to get him?

The Bucs have to give up a 1st round pick. That much is clear. But Arizona has given Tampa Bay the opportunity to choose one of three players to include in the deal. Those players are Barrett Ruud, Ronde Barber, and Cadillac Williams. Let’s waste little time throwing the Ruud out of the discussion. I’m sure the Bucs already realize what they have in Ruud and getting rid of him for anything less than the ghost of Jim Brown would be ridiculous. Okay so I’ve gone overboard with that last statement, but Ruud is a great, young middle linebacker that can – and will – lead the defense for years to come. The Bucs have always built around their defense and linebackers have thrived in the system. Ruud is no exception. He remains a Buc.

So now we’re down to Ronde Barber and Cadillac Williams. And we’ve come to the point that a lot of you out there may think I need my head examined. Why? Well because if I had to give up one or the other in this trade scenario, my choice would be Barber. GASP!

You’re probably saying to yourself "but Barber is a cornerstone of the Bucs’ defense and Williams is hurt and has a history of injury problems." Well you’re right, but think of it this way. Barber is 33 and his best years are most definitely behind him. With Barber, we’re looking at 2-3 years left tops and in those years there could be a big drop off of talent. As much as anyone, I’d like to see Barber retire as a Buc, but given the chance to get a player of Fitzgerald’s caliber, I think it would be time to move on without the star cornerback.

On to why I would keep Williams. This entire scenario is a "what if," so I have to do the same with Williams’ career. What if he gets healthy? What if he lives up to his potential? What if his rookie year wasn’t a fluke? What if the offensive line continues to improve and Caddy comes back? Everyone seems to think the Bucs are set at running back and I’d like to believe it. Earnest Graham was good last year and I’d like him to succeed as much as anyone. But he wasn’t as good as people think. In games where he got over 15 carries, Graham averaged over 4 yards per carry just as many times as he averaged under (5). He’s also already 28 years old and as much as I love the former Gator, there’s a reason the guy hasn’t played until this point. Graham is a good second or third option and performed admirably in Williams’ absence, but star running backs aren’t suddenly discovered in their late 20’s. We’re not looking at a guy that will ever give the team 1,500 yards at 4.5 per carry.

Moving on to Warrick Dunn, we have a great player and a great person who is past his prime. We can’t rely on Dunn being the primary back for years to come. Asking Dunn to be the main ball carrier at this stage of his career is ridiculous. He was brought in as a complimentary back who could fit into his niche and not have to be the star of the offense.

And finally, Michael Bennett is no more than a backup at this point. He may be a good player and show us something this year, but let’s face it, he’s a backup. Bennett is another player that if he truly had all it took to be a feature back, he would be one somewhere.

So with Williams you at least get that "what if." Of those four running backs, Cadillac has the most talent, hands down. At this stage in their respective careers – and if we put them all in an injury-free bubble – Cadillac would be the feature back, end of story. What he can do on the field when healthy makes him one of the top 20 backs in the league, something we can’t say about any of the other options. Although he isn’t healthy at the moment, the chance that he will get there coupled with the fact that Barber was a choice in this scenario, has me lean toward trading Ronde and keeping Caddy.


(A): By the time I have written and posted this you have most likely seen/ heard/ read the news. Our crafty veteran, our white knight, Jeff Garcia has gone down with a MCB tear in his left knee, and is done for the rest of the season, and with his age as it is. I would not be surprised if this is a career ending injury. So heres what it comes down, does the team turn over the reigns to the defective duo of Bruce Gradkowski and Luke McCown, or open Pandora’s beautiful box?

Michael Vick, released from prison, little less than 18 months ago has been wrecking shop in the CFL (believe it or not, Canadians have a hard time guarding Vick).

He will be eligible for NFL free agency in several weeks. Is it of any interest to you as a fan of the Buccaneers, or the NFL, to see him walk into Tampa wearing the pewter and red, rather then Red and Black. As long as I have been a Bucs fan, the only Quaterback I can remember being fully confident in was Brad Johnson. BRAD JOHNSON. Michael Vick is a premier physical talent. Who needs a place in the NFL.

Before the incident (who can forget) there was no chance that the Bucs could have landed him. Even if Atlanta did let him walk, they definitely would have found away to keep him out of division, and the attention (money) he would have received from other teams would have been out of range. Even for the Buccaneers.

Michael Vick may not be a good person, but he is a damn fine entertainer. And football is entertainment. That’s all it is. Sometimes we as fans like to think as something sacred, and untouchable. I live in Texas so this is only magnified. But it is entertainment. We are the Romans, football players are our Gladiators. A Michael Vick signing would bring national attention to Tampa, and it would give Chuckies offense a new dimension. Convincing Vick would be tougher then thought. He may cringe at the thought of two games against Atlanta a year. Or not. That could fire him up beyond belief. I also assume he will garner the interest of other, less morally obligated owners/gm’s in the NFL (**cough** jerry jones cough**). If Tampa can find a way to bring Vick to tampa. It would bring revenue, fan attention, national coverage, and also a good quarterback.

(B): As we all know Tampa bay has been lacking a consistent offensive attack since, well, always. One major reason for this is the black hole of inconsistency coming from the wide receiver position. Michael Clayton had a killer rookie season. But has done almost nothing since, and last year the number three and four receivers where Ernest Grahamn and Michael Pittman, BOTH RUNNING BACKS. The number five receiver was the tight end Alex Smith. In the modern era of football a team must have three reliable receivers, that is incredibly important.

That is why I’m Proposing a trade right now to give, Rhonde Barber (yes I know, but his best years are sooo behind him), Ike Hilliard, and Barrett Ruud to the Arizona Cardinals for the rights to Anquan Boldin.

Before you scroll down to that email button, and type up some hate mail.

Let me explain.

As I said before in the modern era of the NFL you must have 3 reliable and dependable weapons at Wide receiver. I really think the Buccaneers have Two of those weapons already there. Just waiting for the right ammo. Maurice Stovall and Michael Clayton are physical talents who need to be given a chance to shine. Give the defense one more tall, powerful, possession receiver to cover, and those guys (not to mention Alex Smith) look really good.

This defense is old, when I became a bucks fan, I was six years old. I am know sixteen years old, and although many of the stars are gone; John Lynch, Buger McFarland, Dexter Jackson, Warren Sapp. Some players remain namely Rhonde Barber, and Derrick Brooks. With these names still on the roster, it is truly imperative that the bucs retool and rebuild the defense, and they have been doing that. Recent draft picks of Aqib Talib out of Kansas, and the defensive back from Penn State. Proves that the management understands times are changing.

Those folks are the contestants: Craig T, DLowe, The Bull Gator, and KMac ....