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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Top Fantasy Football Players are...

I’ve been asked by Eric from Fake Teams to provide his site with our team’s Best Fantasy Player and a Sleeper Pick for his respective readers… As you can imagine I struggled at first with this task as we truly do not have a ‘Stud’ Fantasy Player per say. Sure we have a Pro Bowl Quarterback, but he wouldn’t be your first choice at Quarterback if you intend to win your Fantasy League. Our typically stellar Wide Receiver hasn’t played a single down of Pre-Season Football and I have a hard time visioning his last performance against the eventual Super Bowl Champs in the NFC Wild Card Playoffs (its vomit inducing). So I had to get a little crafty in my selections for Fake Teams. Be sure to head over to Eric’s site and determine for yourself if I made the right selections: click here. If you agree/disagree let your voice be heard here and over there!!!