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Not many predicting Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take Division or make the Playoffs

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ESPN Analyst predict DOOM for Buccaneers
Analyst Representation Prediction Reasoning
Jeffri Chadiha Finish 3rd Gruden can’t put together winning seasons back to back
John Clayton Finish 3rd Old Age at skill positions
Tim Graham Finish 2nd Need a Quarterback
Jeremy Green Scouts, Inc Finish 2rd No Caddy, Old QB, no Playoffs
Paul Kuharsky Finish 2nd Unit may be too old..
Matt Mosley Finish 2nd Talented Saints too much.
Mike Sando Finish 2nd Can the Bucs out run Father-Time?
Kevin Seifert Finish 2nd Saints take division, Bucs possible Wild Card
James Walker Finish 2nd Not enough upgrades during off-season, fall back mode
Seth Wickersham ESPN The Magazine Finish 3rd Age will catch up to Bucs
Bill Williamson Finish 2nd Likes their potential but not enough to take the division
Matt Williamson Scouts, Inc Finish 2nd Top 10 Defense, Good Enough Offense, no division crown however
Pat Yasinskas Finish 3rd Bucs have potential to crash and burn
There's much of the same this off-season in terms of Professional Analyst predicting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers future for the steadily approaching NFL Season. There isnt a single Analyst to the right that went out on a limb (and what a nimble limb that is) and took the Buccaneers to take the Division. As you can imagine everyone is picking the front running Saints.

The general consensus is that the team is old and getting older. Which is the truth at two key positions: QB and WR. Let's not go crazy here, Garcia is a year older yes, but he's also got a year under Gruden's system. Galloway is showing his age and we don't have a guy to put out there opposite of him, but we still succeeded last season with the same personnel (Maybe Antonio Bryant can remedy that). Derrick Brooks is old, but he's still producing at a pretty high clip. Ronde Barber is 33 years old and still plays like he's in his 20's so he's fine. The other positions on the team are riddled with depth, if anything we are in a better position to rebound should injuries arise and they will with this team.

Back to the analyst, ESPN took several guys this off-season and made them cover specific teams. Their coverage definitely felt forced and especially in Pat Yasinskas' case. The Bucs finishing third? Come on, how many games did the Panthers QB Jake Delhomme play in last season? Where did the Panthers upgrade? The Saints I can understand, but they still have a questionable Running back situation, is Deuce healthy? Pat did a great job covering the Bucs this off-season though and he deserves much credit for that even if his prediction is fairly weak.

How great is it to see these predictions? Regardless of their outcomes... Football is almost upon us and it couldnt get here quick enough

Hat tip to Rays Rule for the link