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Pre-Season Ends with a Bang.. DJax returns a Punt 83 Yards for the score!

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The Pre-Season is officially over and the Bucs went (3-1). Saturday the Bucs have to trim 22 players off their roster. Good Luck Gruden & Company

As for the Quarterbacks, Griese did NOT play so that should tell you everything you need to know about the Back-up situation.

I would be shocked if this wasn't Chris Simms very last game in a Bucs jersey. He threw a pass that ricocheted off Dan Buenning and was intercepted. Chris you are a tough son of a gun and although you were rough to watch at times, I thoroughly enjoyed rooting you on..

Patrick Chukwurah was brought in mid-week and he looked fantastic tonight against the Texans JV Squad...

I wonder if Gruden runs Michael Bennett so much partly because Bennett wanted to play more last season and so Gruden is obliging him here in the Pre-Season in the event that Earnest Graham lights the world on fire and doesnt allow Bennett to see the field during the regular season..

The Defense looked fantastic tonight, the coaching staff really has its hands full. I didnt think the Receivers got enough looks to better any of their cases. I also didnt think Clifton Smith helped his chances of making the squad.

Sabby Piscitelli did get HURT during this game. The early prognosis was a sprained knee, but we'll have to wait and hear about the x-rays. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully this kid catches a break. He missed all of last season with an injury and has looked great throughout the Pre-Season and even tonight prior to his injury.

Believe it or not Dre Moore cam alive in the second half pressuring the Quarterback and batting a ball at the line of scrimmage. He's been said to start out slow in a system (as he did in College) and then he eventually breaks out as he 'Gets it'... I'm not sure if the Bucs will wait around, but he did look good tonight.

Shame on me for mentioning it, but I didnt think QB Josh Johnson looked good tonight. He lobbed a couple floaters that were off target and for a guy who was said to be so accurate he reminded me a bit of Shaun King (collective shudder). Obviously he's young so no big deal, but i bet Brian Clark wishes he was on the money with his pass to the endzone.

Man oh man, K Matt Bryant. He's struggled this Pre-Season and did tonight missing two field goals (granted one was for 53 yards). Never fear as the man hit his final three attempts and that should carry him to the season with a bit of confidence.

We're a week away from the Season Opener against the New Orleans Saints, if the regular season effort is anything like the Pre-Season efforts, we've got a good team on our hands and a potentially explosive one if you know who gets used more, as he did tonight. Alright here's to the regular season!!