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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Houston Texans, Final Pre-Season Game

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Date: August 28, 2008 Location: Houston, Texas
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Stadium: Reliant Stadium
TV: WTVT (FOX 13) Favorite: even pick
Radio: US 103.5 (FM)
620 WDAE (AM)
Over/Under: 36.5
Weather: 85 Degrees
Injury Report: See Below
SBN Coverage: Battle Red Blog My Prediction: BUCS WIN!
Final Score: Bucs 16 Texans 6

The FINAL Pre-Season game is upon us. Starters are expected to be limited in their play tonight. Typically they do not play at all during the last Pre-Season game per health risks, but due to several key players in activeness (Garcia **cough** Galloway) regular starters may play a series or two. Don't be shocked if they don't however. This game still means alot for those fringe players trying to make the team. With that said here's where the players stand thus far:

Here's how this chart works: An Up-Arrow means the athlete's stock is on the rise, though it doesn't necessarily mean they are particularly likely to make the club. A Down-Arrow means they aren't doing so hot. Double Dashes means the player is neutral, the player isn't on the rise or down fall. A Lock means the player is starting barring injury or hail fire, a pair of scissors means that perspective player got cut and a red cross means the player is currently injured.

Potential Open Spots: Wide Receiver, Tight End, Left Guard, Left Tackle, Right Guard, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Strong Safety, Free Safety.

This is the final roster break-down for this off-season.

Player, Position Comment
Jeff Faine, C
Signed by the Bucs this off-season. Given one of the richest contracts for centers in the league. Only Center currently on the roster. Cross your fingers for health.
John Rochford, C
UnDrafted Free Agent. You would think he would make the team given our lack of depth at the center position, then again, I guess not.
Elbert Mack, CB
Signed as an undrafted free agent. Has looked great thus far in Pre-Season, he could actually make the team.
Aqib Talib, CB
He’s locked up the 3rd Corner (Nickel) Spot already. He’ll be on the field ALOT.
Ronde Barber, CB
A main stay on the Bucs Defense for Years, no doubt starter.
Darrell Hunter, CB
Entered league as an undrafted free agent in '06. practice squad?
Torrie Cox, CB
Member of the injured reserve list..
Phillip Buchanon, CB
Buchanon held on to his job given that Talib has been named the Nickel Corner…
Marcus Hamilton, CB
Drafted in the 7TH Round of last years NFL Draft, Has done much to separate himself this Pre-Season.. He’s on the cusp.
Sammy Davis, CB
Optioned to Injured Reserve List...
Greg Peterson, DE
I’ve seen him on the field, but I don’t have any lasting memory of his play..
Kevin Carter, DE
He’s set to start the season at Left Defensive End
Gaines Adams, DE
He should have started out of the gates last season. He’s locked in on the Right Side of the line this season.
Charles Bennett, DE
Drafted by the Bucs two years ago in the seventh round. Recently re-signed..
Jimmy Wilkerson, DE
Signed this off-season. He’s looked great in Pre-Season and should fill a need in the depth department
Greg White, DE
Didn’t make transition at Left Defensive End, could lose reps if not careful...
Dre' Moore, DE
4th Round Draft Pick. I havent heard a positive thing about this kid yet. He’s on the cusp…
Chris Bradwell, DT
Havent heard a thing about this guy, yet he’s still on the team. Signed when Amarri Jackson was given a look
Chris Hovan, DT
He’s looked up the other DT spot opposite Haye, he’s looked extra rejuvenated this Pre-Season..
Jovan Haye, DT
Battle an injury all Pre-Season should be ready to go for the opener however.
Ryan Sims, DT
Signed last off-season with the Bucs, He’s looked great this Pre-Season and looks to be in shape.
B.J. Askew, FB
Injuries have decimated his Pre-Season, is expected to start...
Byron Storer, FB
undrafted free agent signed by the Buccaneers. Saw an increase in reps due to Askew’s injury. Should make it
Carl Stewart, FB
UnDrafted Free Agent this year. Could surprise people and not make the squad
Phil Bogle, G/T
Recently signed to ease the Davin Joseph loss, he may not latch on however.
Jeremy Zuttah, G/T
Appears to be the starter for all intents and purposes to replace Davin Joseph.
Dan Buenning, G
Couldn’t fight off Sears, looks to back up Faine. He’s hanging on...
Davin Joseph, G
Broken foot and he’s out 4-6 weeks, but probably longer, think Week 6 or later..
Arron Sears, G
It’s amazing how quick this kid has transitioned to the NFL.
Brian Johnson, G
UnDrafted Free Agent. Thought of highly. I havent seen much on him and I hear Simms isnt too impressed.
Matt Bryant, K
He’s been decent at best this Pre-Season. Hopefully he rebounds after several misses.
Derrick Brooks, LB
Second on the team in tackles last season. May see fewer reps in obvious passing situations. Other than that, rock steady.
Antoine Cash, LB
One of the first cuts of Pre-Season....
Cato June, LB
He produced a lot last season despite being injured. As is the story, needs to stay on the field
Ryan Nece, LB
Nice Player, adds good depth to the position. Depth behind him is catching up however
Barrett Ruud, LB
Proved he's the real deal last season. Led the team in tackles, despite fading toward the end of the season
Quincy Black, LB
Probably one of the more improved Buccaneers on defense. Progressing well. There’s grumbling that he could replace CATO JUNE!
Matt McCoy, LB
Bucs added McCoy in march. Look to add depth. Should push Nece for primary back-up duties.
Adam Hayward, LB
Like Greg Peterson, needs to stay on the field and prove his worth.
Geno Hayes, LB
Showed promise early in Rookie Mini-Camp. Coaches are enamored with his abilities. Potential Brooks replacement (I hate even typing that, don’t want to see Brooks go).
Patrick Chukwurah, LB
Recently re-signed. Here to stay one would think.
Andrew Economos, LS
Recently signed a 5 year deal ($800k a year). I graduated with a degree in Economics so I'm biased here and he's the only long snapper on the team. We all should have become long snappers. Son of a …
Josh Bidwell, P
Main stay in line-up. We should have become punters.
Jeff Garcia, QB
Despite absolutely hating his current contract, Garcia should continue to be a jolt of excitement on offense. He continues to be the key to our success.
Brian Griese, QB
He’s definitely the #2 at this point, hands down..
Chris Simms, QB
Didn’t want to practice during OTA’s, showed up for Training Camp, hasn’t got the necessary looks with the 1st/2nd team offense to market his abilities. I’M LOST!!!…
Luke McCown, QB
Has looked good this Pre-Season, but still unable to avoid the negative yardage in the backfield.
Josh Johnson, QB
He ought to carry the clipboard Sabby Piscitelli carried all last season. He's not going anywhere. Who’s ready to watch his career begin? Count me in..
Earnest Graham, RB
Show me the money!! Graham got paid and should have a breakout season.
Michael Bennett, RB
He'll see more playing time than last season. Has looked super quick in Pre-Season, new Mr. August
Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, RB
Claims to be ready. Put on the P(hysically)U(nable)P(erform) List. Bah! Take your time Caddy, Graham and Company can hold the fort down...
Kenneth Darby, RB
He’s gotten reps, but will he make the team?
Cory Boyd, RB
Currently on Injured Reserve List
Warrick Dunn, RB
Welcome back Warrick that’s all I can say at this point
Clifton Smith, RB
Has a real shot at making the team, as his returning capability is sorely needed. He’s looked fantastic in Pre-Season play. Should make team
Sabby Piscitelli, S
Despite missing the majority of last season, he has looked fantastic throughout Pre-Season whether be on Special Teams or via the Safety position
Jermaine Phillips, S
Really stepped up last season… Furthered his reputation as a hard hitter. Surprise of last season..
Tanard Jackson, S
Fantastic feel good story, he was sick (play making wise) in his first season and will only get better.
Sergey Ivanov, S
European Player, has looked good, does not count against roster
Donte Nicholson, S
Released earlier this week.
Will Allen, S
Got completely beat down last year by Tanard Jackson in the competition for starting duties. Could be cut?
Eugene Wilson, S
Hasn’t looked comfortable at all. I’m not so sure he makes it.
Chris Clark, T
Undrafted Free Agent aka Long Shot!
Luke Petitgout, T
See kids, you take steroids and you lose your job. Good riddance.
Anthony Davis, T
He’s a decent player, but so were the guys who got cut earlier this week....
Donald Penn, T
Played GREAT last season, he is set to start this season Keep it up DP...
Dennis Roland, T
2007 Practice Squad Player ....
Chris Denman, T
2007 Seventh Round Draft Pick, hasn't shown much.
Jeremy Trueblood, T
Solid Starter on the Right side of the line, should be better due to experience.
Alex Smith, TE
I honestly thought he would have a better year than he did. It’s like he doesn’t realize he’s huge and athletic..
Ben Troupe, TE
Off-Season signing, Has been injured much of the Pre-Season. The reason we didn’t sign Alge Crumpler (son of a).
John Gilmore, TE
Signed this off-season. Big on blocking, actually made plays as a receiver this Pre-Season.
Daniel Fells, TE
Signed futures contract in February. Has no future with team though. Just by shear numbers depth chart wise
Jerramy Stevens, TE
Re-Signed this off-season to the chagrin of the masses (Which still shocks me as there wasn’t even half the fuss when he initially signed a year ago). He’ll remain on the team despite the outrage.
Maurice Stovall, WR
May finish Camp as the #4 Receiver. Could be the reason Hilliard doesn’t start, doubtful though.
Brian Clark, WR
He’s produced this Pre-Season I don’t know if it warrants a roster spot.
Dexter Jackson, WR
He’s looked impressive returning punts, not so impressive returning kicks, and good but a distant memory as a receiver...
Paris Warren, WR
Coming off a tough injury, will he be skittish over the middle where he flourished last pre-season? The fan base is behind you!!
Taye Biddle, WR
Practice Squad bound, may even be cut out right....
Chad Lucas, WR
Bucs' practice squad `06. Recently Re-Signed. Has looked like Paris Warren from last season. Enough? Probably not
Charles Spiller, WR
Futures contract recipient. May seem him in the future, eh.
Cortez Hankton, WR
Futures contract as well, lightning in a bottle? nah ....
Joey Galloway, WR
He hasn't lost a step, still has a vice grip on the #1 Receiver spot in Tampa.. Throws touchdown catches to kids in the stands at Training Camp. Class Act. A bit banged up, but still light years ahead of the #2 Receiver on the roster.
Ike Hilliard, WR
Solid Rock, despite competition, he should remain the Bucs #3 receiver. He's solid, consistent, and nobodies stepped up thus far to force him out.
Antonio Bryant, WR
He’s look good, his knee has bothered him however.
Michael Clayton, WR
MAKE OR BREAK SEASON! So he blocks well, great thanks. Try reproducing your Rookie Season. Who doesn’t want this guy to excel here in Tampa? Come on Mike!
Michael Spurlock, WR
The only man to return a kickoff to the house in Tampa Bay Buccaneer history! That buys you two seasons at the very least.. IMO
Brian Clark, WR
Return specialist, not expected to contribute much at all. Although the return game is WIDE OPEN…

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.
= Player is currently injured.
= The player has been cut!

Martin Gandy put up a "Making the Team Meter" over at TalkingChop, as did my boy Eric over at Amazin Avenue and I liked it so much I decided to borrow it in true SB Nation fashion. Thanks fellas

Feel FREE to absolutely RIP me a "New One" over the opinions I have cast. I'm a fan just as much as you are, I could certainly be reading too much into certain bias' I have OR it could just be that I'm right and you're CRAZY. Tell me what you think ....... GO BUCS!!!! AND STAY HEALTHY