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Make a trade for the Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin...

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It appears a 1st Round Draft Pick and a 2nd Tier Player will be our initial offer. I will present this offer to Charles of Revenge of the Birds and let you folks know whether the trade was accepted, denied, or if we received a counter-offer. Thanks for participating!!

The Fan Base has spoken, with an overwhelming majority of the votes (88%), you folks would like to initiate a trade for the Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin. Great that concludes my survey.. I kid I kid, we need to figure out what to offer Revenge of the Birds in order to get a dialogue started and a potential trade rolling. Teams that arent interested in trades don't typically pursue options, so we have to collectively provide that for the Revenge of the Birds fan base.

I'm not about to pretend to know what the Arizona Cardinals need on their team, so enough yapping, please vote in the poll below: