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Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally made Roster Cuts

The Bucs have finally made those Roster Cuts… The players being let go? WR Paris Warren, LB Antoine Cash, and S Donte Nicholson. If you’re scratching your head thinking, ‘Hey that’s only four players’; the Bucs also put RB Cadillac Williams on the Physically Unable to Perform List and optioned CB Sammy Davis to the ever popular Injured Reserve List.

As for Caddy he CANNOT be activated for at least the first six weeks of the regular season; meaning he CANNOT practice with the team during that time. Given the ridiculous depth we have at Running Back this season (the RB stock is rivaling the QB coup) this is the perfect scenario for Cadillac Williams. Take it slow man, you’ll be on the field in due time, and this fan base can’t wait to see you out there. Until then, Earnest, WD, and Mike Bennett will hold the fort down.

As for the cuts, Cash and Nicholson could return to the Injured Reserve list should they pass through waivers and the likely hood is that they will. As for Paris Warren, this is the end of the road for him in a Buccaneers uni. Paris we barely knew thee. He had a fantastic Pre-Season last year, got injured, and for whatever reason (tentative? still hobbled?) he couldn’t make his way back to securing a roster spot. Good luck sir and I’m sure he’ll find his way back if not in Tampa, somewhere else…

As a side note, the Buccaneers also brought back LB/DE Patrick Chukwurah.. The interesting thing here is, who gets cut by his return? Dre Moore? A Linebacker? There's no way they brought Chuk back to send him packing Saturday when final cuts are made... hmmm