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Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE Greg White has a Blog! Who knew?

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The NBA's Gilbert Arenas does it, so does MLB's Curt Schilling, so why not #91 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Big boy Greg White... That's right, our Defensive End has a Blog and he plans to update it regularly (good luck with that my man). At Greg's blog: he has a section where you can send in questions to the big fella and so i did..

JScott: Greg... Big 91... Let the fan base in on your current move from Left Defensive End, back to Right Defensive End. Some call it a demotion, some wonder why Kevin Carter is starting and some wish you, Gaines, and Jovan could all start. Let us know whats up man!

Greg White: I never considered being moved to the left side as a demotion..I am glad they moved me back to the right side! As far as Kevin Carter goes, he could possibly be going to the hall of fame.. I respect him tremendously.. I have learned alot of things not just about football but life too [from him].. He is very down to earth for being a multi- millionaire (he would hate if I called him Although, I do second the motion about Gaines, Jovan and I starting.. What do you expect me to say!? If it was Kevin he would more than likely say, he should be starting and if he didn't then shame on him!

Be sure to check Greg's blog out regularly as this opportunity to peer directly into an athletes life (on your favorite team) is almost unheard of. His first blog post was about the upcoming roster cuts and how he's dealt with them over the years. It's a struggle to read, but it's the man's first post so cut him some slack!!

I can't wait to follow his progress throughout the season, should be good...