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NFL Roster Cuts deadline is looming for Buccaneers

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The NFL has mandated a Tuesday 4pm Deadline for Roster Cuts. Respective teams must trim their rosters to 75 players. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently have 80 (their International Practice Squad Player - Sergey Ivanov - does NOT count against the roster) players on their roster. Expect a cut to come sooner rather than later... Also, the team has to get the roster down to 53 men come Saturday... Oh man!

Note worthy cuts as of so far:

KR - Jeremy Bloom (axed by Steelers). I've wanted us to sign him in the past, but if Philly and Pittie can't use him, hmm..

RB - DeShawn Wynn (axed by Packers). Eat your heart out BULL GATOR, ha!

WR - Samie Parker (axed by Broncos and picked up by the Carolina Panthers the next day.. impressive).

DE - Greg Spires (axed by Raiders). Let me repeat this, he was released by the Raiders. The Raiders who got three interceptions against Matt Leinart and his Cardinals and still managed to lose 24-0... Stinky

RB - Ciatrick Fason (axed by Jaguars). It's great to be a Florida Ga... Doh!

I'll continue to update this thread and bump it to the top as cuts get announced, feel free to include your own..