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Buc 'Em Fantasy Football Draft concludes, Rosters exposed:

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The Buc ‘Em Fantasy Football Draft presented by AOL Fanhouse and provided by FleaFlicker is officially over. Checkout the disturbing rosters below:

A couple of you went Wide Receiver happy (Stixx) and a few stockpiled QB's (Noah & Ghosthippo). I'd like to pick a paper champion of the draft, but all of the teams appear to be on even footing which should make the league that much more interesting. Last Season's Champion "Awburn7" has his hands full this season; we'll see if somebody can take the crown and bragging rights from him.

Prizes continue to be a fitted Bucs Hat of your choosing, a Bucs License Plate (courtesy of Carroll’s Cove), and of course your mug on the site for an entire year!!! With that said, I look forward to the action and plan on doing Fantasy League Updates every Tuesday to see who came out on top from the previous week’s games. Good luck to all.