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Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pre-Season Game #3

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Date: August 23, 2008 Location: Tampa, Florida
Time: 7:30 p.m. ET
Stadium: Raymond James Stadium
TV: WTVT (FOX 13) Favorite: Jaguars by 3.5
Radio: US 103.5 (FM)
620 WDAE (AM)
Over/Under: 35
Weather: 80 Degrees
Rain (50% chance)
Injury Report: See Below
SBN Coverage: Big Cat Country My Prediction: BUCS WIN!
Final Score: Bucs lose 23-17

The Tampa Tribune did a piece on 5 Things to Watch for tonight: Right Guard (Zuttah/Buenning & Co.), Defensive Line (Zero SACKS thus far), Dexter Jackson (To get Cut?), QB Battle (Back-ups), CB Elbert Mack (Survival?)...

The Right Guard play will definitely be something to watch tonight, I'm almost more concerned about the combo of RG & RT more than anything. The Defensive Line has been a concern as well. The Bucs are moving Greg White back to the right side of the defensive line behind 2nd year player Gaines Adams, hmm. Dexter Jackson potentially getting cut is a joke to me. When he's had opportunities (in the 2nd half) he's produced: 15 yard punt return, 11 yards on one reception. I continue to hope the hamstring is why he's yet to get more looks, because from the outside looking in he hasnt got many opportunities and that is sad considering the state of our Wide Receiving Corps. It's like Gruden/Allen don't realize or are to cocky to realize that it is horrendous... Donte Stallworth, Bernard Berrian, or even Bryant Johnson would have been adequate upgrades to what we have... As for the Back-Up QB spot, its Griese's to lose at this point. Also Simms really needs a look with the first or second teamers out there, otherwise why even have him take the field? Playing with 3rd teamers in the 4th Quarter is not drumming up the interest in him, nor does it make him look good. Finally Elbert Mack, good luck man. If you were vying for a Safety spot i would say forget it, but with Ronde getting older you might be able to stick around.. Might

WR Joey Galloway was held out of practice yesterday and is expected to sit out the Bucs Pre-Season game this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars. - St. Pete Times

I'm not so worried about Galloway and his timing with his QB (they are both veterans). I worry about his legs and his ability to not get beat up... At this point I'm leery about his situation.

QB Jeff Garcia will START Saturday against the Jags, he's not expected to log more than several series of play (think 1st quarter, maybe a series into the 2nd quarter). - St. Pete Times

Much like Joey Galloway, Jeff Garcia is a Veteran and I don't believe Pre-Season snaps will make him any more prepared for the Regular Season. Again his ability to get hurt freaks me out. I'm not sure Griese's dink & dunk nature will work in the regular season and McCown continues to make mistakes in the backfield.

I just wanted to point out that the Dolphins beat the Jags in Jacksonville last weekend and the Jags lone win this Pre-Season came against the Falcons in a 17-14 romping beating; so take what you want from the results of these Pre-Season match-ups, but I would be pretty disappointed if we didnt have our way with the Jags tonight...

No word as to whether DT Jovan Haye and FB B.J. Askew will play tonight. Askew had arthroscopic surgery on his ankle last week, so I doubt we'll see him in the Pre-Season...