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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injury Updates Link Dump

WR Joey Galloway was held out of practice yesterday and is expected to sit out the Bucs Pre-Season game this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars. - St. Pete Times

QB Jeff Garcia will START Saturday against the Jags, he's not expected to log more than several series of play (think 1st quarter, maybe a series into the 2nd quarter). - St. Pete Times

DE Kevin Carter spent time yesterday mourning the death of his close colleague and NFLPA Executive Director, Gene Upshaw, but being a member of the executive committee himself, Carter vowed to keep business moving; "We're not going to miss a beat in terms of business," Carter said. "We'll only take a minute to mourn the loss. . . There are a lot of things that are pressing and there are a lot of issues to address" - St. Pete Times

The Bucs recently released LT Luke Petitgout (who had been suspended for steroid usage). With that release the Bucs signed FB J.D. Runnels. With Davin Joseph going down, the Bucs have released Runnels (after 4 days) and have brought in OG Phil Bogle. Bogle played for the Bucs back in '05 & '06.. Recently for the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League, Bogle produced as an eligible receiver. He had 7 catches (6 went for touchdowns). - St. Pete Times

Gruden's expected to announce the Quarterback Rotation for Saturday's game, on, well, Saturday. - Tampa Tribune

Don't expect to see Brian Griese or Luke McCown starting at QB when the regular season rolls around, "I wouldn’t say that. We’re fully expecting Garcia to be ready. He’s getting his work, getting back into it, and I’ll leave it at that." Gruden said. - Tampa Tribune

I just wanted to point out that the Dolphins beat the Jags in Jacksonville last weekend, so take what you want from the results of these Pre-Season match-ups, because I highly doubt that would happen in the Regular Season... Just Sayin'