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Anquan Boldin wants no part of the Arizona Cardinals, Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade for him?

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We touched on this topic earlier in the off-season (here, here, here, and here) and apparently G.M. Bruce Allen had no luck making calls to Arizona, but WR Anquan Boldin has officially squashed any idea of him remaining in the desert. Unless of course. . . The Cardinals show him the MONEY!!!

Boldin on his current situation with the team:

"At this point we have no relationship, and I don't see that changing," Boldin told NFL Network. "It's just gotten to a point where I think lines were crossed. If you ask me, coaches should be coaches, management should be management, and I don't think those lines should be crossed. But when you cross those lines, you put yourself in position for things like this to happen" -

"They made different promises saying they would take care of me," Boldin said. "It all goes back to last year, even before camp. I sat in on a meeting with [Head Coach] Whisenhunt and the [team owners] Bidwills, and their exact words were they wouldn't let me go into this season without a new deal. Well, here we are a year later and still no new deal. The deals they put on the table were slaps in the face as opposed to deals that would take care of me. For me, it's an uncomfortable situation. I feel lied to by the organization. It's hard for them to ask me to give me my all when it hasn't been reciprocated." -

"As long as I'm here, I can't see myself as a happy member of this organization at all, not with this situation being what it is. I don't see it being rectified, either. The relationship with me and the organization is done. I'm here to uphold my contract, that's it." -

Anquan goes on to say in the article that he knows the Cardinals have received 1st Round Draft Picks (from several teams) as trade offers and the Cardinals have shot down all trade requests. Boldin has three years left on his contract so unless he gets paid or traded, he’s stuck. As a Bucs fan, I salivate at the thought of acquiring Anquan Boldin. Sure his potential to get injured scares the mess out of me, but so does the depth in our Wide Receiving Unit behind Joey Galloway; who by the way, doesn’t have too many seasons left in him. Many will point to Boldin as a Chad Johnson type character who’s crying for a paycheck, but in all due respect he was in Arizona before Larry Fitzgerald, he did sign an extension however so I can’t really blame the organization’s stance.

Would you trade for the 27 year old Anquan Boldin? A first Round Draft Pick? Be sure to checkout: Revenge of the Birds, our Arizona Cardinals Blog for the latest on the Anquan Boldin situation...