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Reebok finally gets it right: New Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hat

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For those of you that have been a part of this site since day one; you know I like to inform you of Tampa Bay Buccaneers merchandise that I feel is perfect for any fan. Whether it be Reebok's NFL shorts that got released last season with a rear pocket, the customizable Bucs shirt at that you can put any players (or your own) name and number on, or the Reebok hoody that was released back in October.

With that said, I also inform you of merchandise that has missed the mark: Training Camp Jerseys anyone? The HIGH price of Authentic NFL Jerseys, and most recently (or not so recently) the disgusting selection of Bucs hats provided by Reebok (Nascar Style, come on)... Now that I've secured my possession of "The GREATEST" Bucs hat I've ever owned, I figured I would inform you about it:

The hat above can be found at for $24.99. Reebok deserves a great deal of praise on this one. The fit (stretch-fit) is excellent, the color scheme (Pewter & Red; no blue) is perfect, and the durability appears to be fantastic. The hat comes in two sizes (M/L) and (L/XL). I wear a size 7 3/8 fitted cap and the (L/XL) Bucs Hat fits perfect. This hat is the closest thing in comfort to the Twins Enterprises Caps you've heard me rave about in previous posts. The only knock on the hat for me is that its stretch fit and that the teams inception year ('76) is on the cap. Nit picky as can be, I know, but after being born in a Twins Enterprise Hat its weird to throw on a stretch fit cap, but i must say I'm loving it. And we all know when the Bucs entered the league, a year on the cap is unnecessary (as is hearing me complain about it, i'm sure)... Again neither gripe should even remotely stop anyone from making a purchase.

At any rate, I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Reebok (and most importantly its designers) on a job well done and to let fellow Bucs Fans know of a near perfect ball cap. If you head over to now, they are running a buy one get one Half-Off sale (which runs about $45.00 for two hats with shipping, as i recently purchased a couple Rays hats). If you don't like the Pewter look up above, has the exact same hat, but in Red (On further review; It's actually back-ordered until 8/22; better get in line behind me). Consider yourself informed!!