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Dan Sileo interviews Bucs GM Bruce Allen

1270 The Team’s Dan Sileo interviewed Buccaneers General Manager Bruce Allen this morning. Let me just say this; Dan is not a shy guy, my goodness his questions were ridiculous and hilarious. Dan’s like that guy in the office who just blurts stuff out without any thought of the possible repercussions and Bruce Allen responded like a true politician NFL General Manager. Here’s a recap (paraphrases of course) of the interview:

Sileo: "Is there any backlash with your team due to the Brett Favre situation? Presumably with QB Jeff Garcia?"

B. Allen: "I don’t think there is; Garcia is a great competitor and the team has remained focused, a team doesn’t finish a ball game with –zero- penalties (referring to Saturday’s Pre-Season win over the Dolphins) if it’s not focused on the task ahead."

Sileo: "Are you going to pay Jeff Garcia more money? (Before Allen can reply) I think you should in order to keep him happy; oil his hiney, tell him how much you love him, say hello to his wife and give him a little more money!!!"

B. Allen: "(Nervous Laughter) Are you an agent now? No, we’re having ongoing dialogue with several players."

Sileo: "(Sileo interrupts) Who else are you having dialogue with?"

B. Allen: "(Even more Nervous Laughter) Do you want to be their agent too? I can’t give you that information."

Sileo: "Will QB Chris Simms be on the Roster when the regular season begins?"

B. Allen: "I can’t answer that."

Sileo: "You know, there are several teams in need of a back-up Quarterback… the Kansas City Chiefs, The Minnesota Vikings, even the Green Bay Packers."

B. Allen: "(Nervous Laughter turned to true laughter) I love getting advice from you Dan. You have a lot of time on your hands don’t you?"

Here’s a couple more tidbits from the interview:

Allen said the Doctors will evaluate QB Jeff Garcia and determine then whether to clear him for this weekend’s match-up against the Patriots. He’s very proud of the job the coaches have put forth this Camp. The talent has really improved from a year ago. Despite his drop Saturday, Michael Clayton has had a great Training Camp. He’s knocking on wood that the Bucs can remain healthy this season (aren’t we all?). He’s looking at Vet’s and Young guys around the league that could potentially help his ball club. Rookie CB Aqib Talib has allowed Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin to sprinkle in a couple packages he hasn’t in the past. Allen wouldn’t praise any players in camp as he wants them all to have a clear mind (in other words, he wants them to perform at the best of their abilities and not take anything for granted). Allen would endorse more OTA’s and Pre-Season games as he feels the majority of players would agree with him; not including the Veterans around the league of course.