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Meet the Bucs QB Jeff Garcia aka the Journeyman..

Training Camp Update:

Listen to Garcia talk about the Favre situation and his current availability for Saturday’s Pre-Season match-up with the Patriots:

- Audio brought to you by the Pewter Report.

One of the more interesting quotes from that audio was Garcia’s snide remark about how he is perceived:

"I’m just a journeyman according to some people; why should I have any hard feelings? I’m thankful to have this job. I might pay Bruce and Jon for bringing me out here", Garcia said. - Tampa Tribune

It’s kind of funny, as that’s how Dan Sileo labeled Garcia on his morning radio show yesterday, a "Journeyman" and if you truly think about it; that’s exactly what Garcia is. As degrading as it may sound to Jeff, he has bounced around the league (49ers, Lions, Browns, Eagles, Bucs), plain and simple. Thankfully Garcia clarified his comments with this:

"What am I going to say? It’s the unfortunate part of the business," Garcia said. "That’s what this sport is. It has two sides. Obviously, a game for all of those who play on the field and love to play the game, but there is a business side, too. Part of teams trying to reach that championship position is trying to strengthen their team. Whether they thought that was strengthening or not, as much as I believe that I can be a strong point for this team that is what they had to look into. So be it. It’s all said and done. We’re moving forward." - Tampa Tribune

And thank goodness we’re moving forward. ‘Whether they thought that was strengthening or not’ I really don’t want to touch that comment, as it’s pretty stupid. Based on pure health alone the Bucs would have strengthened their team. Not to mention 28 touchdowns to 13 is a pretty stark comparison. Garcia was venting so it’s easy to dismiss his comments especially after he declared he was moving forward.

Don’t expect to see Garcia this weekend and I couldn’t agree more with his comments about the pre-season and its being overhyped:

"I’ve always felt like preseason gets to the point where it’s a little bit overdone," Garcia said. "I think that it is important for me to hopefully at least be able to play in two games and hopefully get the majority of reps in one of those games, or at least a good half of one of those games. I feel like if I can do that, I will have the necessary reps that I need to feel good about myself. On top of that, I’ll be able to get more reps in practice and start to take more control of that situation." - Tampa Tribune

I don’t see how any of us as fans can’t defer to Garcia on his rationale. As we honestly have no idea what it takes to get ready for the regular season. Especially when it comes to the Pre-Season where players like Tom Brady play one series, etc. Obviously I think he needs to at least log some playing time, but I don’t think it would make or break the start of our season. With a veteran like Garcia, I think health overrides any type of experience he could gain by playing in meaningless Pre-Season games.

Garcia is currently wearing an Allen Iverson/Tracy McGrady esque sleeve over his right calf and was recently seen leaving practice early with a Trainer today. The good news is he left on his own power and was pulled from practicing as he had thrown his allotted amount of throws. What the? - Tampa Tribune