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Jeff Garcia to sit out another game? He sends his regards..

While Jeff Garcia was resting his strained calf muscle for the past week and a half he found the time to leave his three favorite gals (guys?) a post card:

Thanks to HHR for the Post Card humor… Check out his rendition of a Joe Horn – Michael Turner Post Card, pretty funny I must say..

Speaking of our Starting Quarterback, Garcia said himself that he didn’t think he would be back for this weekends Pre-Season game against the New England Patriots and that he would be back for the Jacksonville Jaguars the following week. I wouldn’t be surprised if he played however; I mean, GM Bruce Allen said he didn’t make an offer for Brett Favre (right), and Gruden said QB Josh Johnson wouldn’t play against the Fins and . . . he did, sooo take Garcia’s statement for what it is. I still can’t believe people think the Bucs held the guy out of the final two games last season to jip him out of his bonus money. It was a 50/50 chance he would have got injured. Shoot, more like 75/25...