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EA Sports to release Madden '09 TODAY!!!

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The folks over at have already rated Madden '09 for the Playstation 3 and drum roll ... drum roll ... They gave the effort an 8.8! That's not exactly hop in my car and immediately grab the title worthy, but it is 4 tenths of a point better than what NCAA Football got.. I get paid Thursday so I'll let you know what I think after the weekend (that's if the wife allows me to make the purchase).

The greatest Football Game on earth gets released today (really Wednesday for sane individuals) at 12:01am at your local Wal-Mart Shopping Centers. The game should provide more excitement for Bucs fans this year as you now have the ability to use Dexter Jackson as you please… Returning Punts, Returning Kickoffs, Lining up at Wide-out down after down. If you’re really crafty you could put DJax in the backfield… let me stop.. NCAA Football was released a month ago and didn’t get the best of rankings, so hopefully the Madden Developers can bring the thunder and not just re-release a game with updated rosters… We shall see…

The Alstott cover is courtesy of: Custom Sports Covers. Speaking of Mike Alstott; during the October 19th game against the Seattle Seahawks, the Bucs plan to honor the A-Train. The game is a Nationally-Televised Sunday Night game. The Bucs plan to issue commemorative tickets and an Alstott Gate giveaway. Should be special.