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Off Topic: Shinedown recently released their 3rd Album titled "Sound of Madness"

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I was debating on whether to publish a post soliciting Shinedown's new album "Sound of Madness", but it's so good I couldn't help from spreading the word. If Shinedown's 2nd Album "Us and Them" turned you off to their sound I highly recommend you giving them another listen. Their third album rivals their first album "Leave a Whisper". If you've never listened to Shinedown before and tend to like bands like: Staind, Skillet, Crossfade, 3 Doors Down, Hinder, Seether, Incubus etc, then you should give Shinedown a listen. Their new album is extremely loud, melodic, and Brent Smith's vocals are heavy. The drums on this album create a Sound of Madness.... Check this album out, you won't be disappointed. I posted three tracks below that I thought were the cream of the crop. The rest of the album is great to. It's one of those albums where you don't skip a song, they're that good.. Listen for yourself...

(1.) - Devour

(2.) - Sound of Madness

(3.) - Second Chance

(4.) - Cry for Help

(5.) - The Crow & The Butterfly

(6.) - If you only knew

(7.) - Sin with a Grin

(8.) - What a Shame

(9.) - Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide

(10.) - Breaking Inside

(11.) - Call Me

(12.) - I own you

(13.) - Energy

(14.) - Son of Sam

I encourage you guys to post any music, books, video games, etc that you find interesting throughout your daily lives. I realize this is a Sports Blog dedicated to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but at the same time I think Music (or should I say entertainment) and Sports transcend each other. So if there's a Music Album you're really into or a You Tube Video that cracked you up, post it in the Fan Shots on the sidebar. If I like your content you know I'll pull it to the main page for all to see... On the flip side, I'll try and keep content like this to a minimum as this is a Tampa Bay Bucs Blog and not my "Everything All tied into One" Blog...