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Warrick Dunn isn’t perfect, but he’s pretty close

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So I realize Dunn is probably out building another house for Single Mothers and their children, but I would think Warrick could find the time in his off-season schedule to UPDATE his website. After all he is on the Bucs roster... Update that thing Warrick!!

Mike Freeman of relays a phone conversation he had with former and now current Tampa Bay Buccaneer RB Warrick Dunn. Dunn doesn’t like being portrayed as "Perfect", but considering the NFL’s current landscape, well, he is:

"Please don't portray me as some sort of perfect person," said Dunn. "I hate that. I'm not perfect." - Mike Freeman of

Freeman thinks it’s "One and Done" for Dunn. I’m not so sure about that. Even at Warrick’s age (in football years, hah!), he still has the potential to be a dynamic cog in Jon Gruden’s offense. Checkout the diagram below:

In this formation Garcia has plenty of options and Gruden has several different variations at his disposal. Line DJax and Galloway on the outsides and either use Dunn as a potential screen pass decoy or actually dump it off to him (Graham’s not afraid to put a hat on somebody). The Safetys have to respect the wideouts speed, thus they can’t help on a shifty player in Dunn. Throw Alex Smith out there and you’ve got three serious receiving threats. It’s going to be tough for Gruden to juggle Dunn in the offense in an attempt to stop obvious passing situations as the veteran enters the game.

Welcome Back Warrick!!!