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Interview with Ben Troupe

From Today's Tampa Trib, another run of the mill (i.e. safe) player interview.  A few things Ben had to say were interesting:

About the team culture as compared to the Titans:

"it's the level of intensity down here. The biggest thing is, you can't tell who's old and who's new. Everyone jells with one another, we know that we are going to need everybody."

Despite all the drama concerning Garcia and Simms, I do believe that this is the case.  This team is confident and knows that the NFC is theirs, if they want it.

About his boyhood idols:

"Walter Payton, Jerry Rice and all the greats. I also watched Bruce Smith. I was just a fan of the game and I enjoyed watching it"

I like a tight end who can appreciate good line play.  Even though he is not known as a strong blocker, Troupe may wind up taking a lot of those duties so let's hope every little bit helps.

Before he was drafted, most draftnicks rated him above Ben Watson as the best TE of that draft.  I think he is a  lock for the team and I am excited to see what he can do this year.