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Game Two - White vs. Blue


Top Ten from plays from today's thriller between the White and the Blue team.

White                                       Blue

Ronde Barber                       Derrick Brooks

Josh Johnson                       Aqib Talib

Alex Smith                              Josh McCown

Gaines Adams                      Michael Clayton

Eugene Wilson                     Ernest Graham

Sabby Piscitelli                      Ben Troupe

Welcome to Sportcenter's Top Ten!

Number Ten:  Monster block by Alex Smith on Ben Troupe, leaving a clear path for Ronde to dart into the endzone.  Looking at the play again, you see Troupe's torso get lifted upwards and pushed back as he sailed for at least three yards before crashing back down.  The Shwam thinks that someone is trying to establish early dominance.


Number Nine:  Ernest Graham shows some elusiveness by using a feint juke to his left to lose Eugene Wilson.  Wilson lost his balance and slid to the ground as Ernest takes a five yard play and goes for thirteen.

Number Eight:  Brooks picks off Johnson in the middle of the field at the White team's 35.  Brooks sprints down the center of the field and executes a perfect one handed lateral to Clayton at the 13.  Michael takes it down for to the seven only to be stopped by Sabby.

Number Seven:  Gaines shouts ten and charges after McCown.  Josh attempts to elude the sack but Gaines rips off not only some of Josh's flag but his t-shirt as well.

Number Six:  Ronde takes the opening kickoff all the way for a score.  Taking the ball at his own five, Ronde gets a great block from Gaines at the twenty, then Sabby trips up Derrick at the forty five leaving an open field for Ronde to trot it in for six.

Number Five:  The White team is going for two.  Up by six before the half, Johnson puts Wilson in motion.  With patience, Johnson waits for over ten seconds when Clayton comes after him.  Johnson goes right, laying a vicious stiff-arm Clayton as he leaps over Graham and gets two.

Number Four:  McCown stumbles eluding the pass rush and fumbles the ball in the red zone.  Ronde picks it up and goes all the way for the score.  Looking at that play again, you see that McCown actually tripped on his own shoelace.  That was embarrassing.

Number Three: Aqib Talib keeps his team within one by stretching out his fingers and tipping the ball out of the Ronde's hands to prevent the score.  This keeps the White team from scoring again, leaving the game at 40-39 with three minutes and twenty-two seconds remaining.

Number Two:  Crossing the forty, Troupe barrels downfield only to have the ball punched out of his hands by Ronde.  The ball bounces back into Blue territory where it is recovered by Josh Johnson.  The White team holds their lead by one with a little over a minute left.

Number One:  With fifteen seconds left on the Blue team's 26, Johnson takes a risk by going for the endzone instead of the first.  He puts some velocity on the ball as Gaines shoots his arms upwards to come down with the ball at the three.  Gaines spins and falls into the endzone sealing the game. 

The White team wins 46-39.