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F-A-V-R-E to the Jets?

Now this sounds believable.  Chris Mortensen reports that Green Bay is allowing Favre to talk to the Jets.  The Packers and the Jets do not play each other this year and let's be honest, probably won't play against each other in Tampa. 

Mortensen also reports that the Jets and the Bucs are the only two teams that have contacted the Packers about Favre.  At least we are trying.

Obviously, dealing #4 to the Jets makes the most sense for the Packers.  He will be in the AFC.  Hopefully, Favre can take a couple of games away from New England and the Packers will be happy. 

Now, let's say this deal goes down and Mangini gets Favre, but he is happy with Clemens/Pennington (unlikely).  What is to stop him from trading Favre to the Bucs or the Vikings for a higher pick? 

We all know that Bill Belichick knows how to "misinterpret the rules".  I'm sure Mangini does too.