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Simms Getting Savvy?

Will Favre be able to run the Buc's offense with just a limited training camp?  In order to answer this question, GM Bruce Allen went to a surprising source.  He turned to Chris Simms.  Simms recalled his conversation with Allen to the The St Pete Times:

"He asked if I felt Brett would be able to come back and be good here if he didn't have a lot of reps in training camp.  I said I thought he would but there would have to be some compromise with coach (Jon) Gruden. He'll just want the play called and to drop back and throw it in there."

I agree with Simms that Favre's success in Tampa hinges on Gruden releasing his grip on the reigns of the playbook.  Simms said what many of us already know; Favre is a gunslinger.  More interesting than any tactical appraisal, is the fact that Simms told the media about this conversation in the first place.  If I'm Chris Simms, this deal with Green Bay may be my best chance to be starting in late October.  I have to admit, I'm impressed with Simms subtly.  He is not out there blindly cheering for Favre nor is he staying silent on the sidelines.  Instead, he provided an honest appraisal of Favre's future in Tampa in the hopes that he will better maneuver himself to colder weather so he can compete for Aaron Rodger's job.

I'm still of the opinion that Favre won't be in pewter next year, but I'm kind of impressed by Simms media savvy.  He may make something of himself just yet.