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Rivalry with New Orleans Saints get a Shock(ey)'s John Clayton is reporting that the New Orleans Saints have officially traded for New York Giants Tight End Jeremy Shockey. The Giants get a 2nd and 5th round (2009) draft pick in return.

I'm a little envious, only because Jeremy Shockey is interesting and provides a brash personality on the football field ala Warren Sapp. The problem is his attitude and his recent rash of injuries. You gotta figure Drew Brees is excited but with a bit of skepticism and unknown for his new teammate. This inevitably will send the rivalry up a few notches, as Shockey has a tendency to fire up defenses with his on field antics. Who lays the lumber on Shockey first? Tanard Jackson? Jermaine Phillips? or Barrett Ruud? My moneys on Phillips... Welcome to the NFC South Jeremy..

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