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Pro Football Talk 2008 All-Turd Offense includes two Buccaneers

Pro Football Talk has unleashed it's 2008 All-Turd Offense. Two Tampa Bay Buccaneers are members of that squad, can you guess who?

Here's the criteria for making the squad:

"The requirements for consideration are one or more arrests, one or more violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, one or more violations of the league’s steroid policy, one or more holdouts while under contract, one or more flagrant acts of rudeness and/or stupidity, and/or anything else that makes us think that there’s good cause for the player to be included on the squad." - Pro Football Talk

The lucky two you might ask:

Jerramy Stevens, TE, Buccaneers: This guy was the King of the Turds even before his antics at the University of Washington were chronicled by the Seattle Times. And yet he somehow still has a job in the league.

Jeff Garcia, QB, Bucs: Signed a two-year contract at what the market bore in 2007, and now is crying about it.

Not exactly earth shattering accusations here, but I can't argue with the pitiful explanations and thats really all the keyboard muscle the two guys deserve... Surely our impecable Defense won't having any turds... or will it?