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A Refreshing Story for a Noles Fan

After months of bad press and scandal, a story like this can really make your day.  Stuart Mandel on wrote a great story about Myron Rolle's academic pursuits. While I would love to watch Myron suit up in a Bucs jersey, I am rooting for him to get the Rhodes, go to Oxford and become a leader in global health.  I've always thought that he was one of our best recruits, both in terms of talent and character, over the last five years and this story proves it.

On a more serious note, I also think this story demonstrates that the student-athlete is not dead, rather it is a choice that players make.  I am not saying that every footballer needs to be a 4.0 pre-med student, but it is possible to have above a 3.0 and graduate with a real degree.  As the Patriots have shown, players who graduate and do well in college, turn out to be more successful in the NFL.  I do believe that if Rolle does decide to turn pro, he has the potential to play with John Lynch's intellect in Ed Reed's body.