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Manning's Knee - A Trade Opening?

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Update: Roy Cummings of the Tampa Trib thinks Simms to the Colts is a possibility as well.

For those that don't know - Peyton had surgery to remove an infected bursa sac from his knee.  What is an infected bursa sac you say?  Well, as far as I can tell it looks like the tumorous head from Total Recall.  The Colts are saying that Peyton will only be out for four to six weeks and will be ready to go for the start of the season.

I believe that Peyton will be ready to start the season.  But, you have to think that Polian et al must be reevaluating their backups.  Even if they have faith in Sorgi (who makes Adam Vinatieri look like a linebacker), they can't think that rookie Adam Tafralis is ready to go.  No chance.  Fortunately for us, there are not a whole lot of quarterbacks on the market or on the trading block that they Colts would want to target.  I am throwing out the Favre to Indi possibility because I can't see Favre wanting to play as a backup.

So, I am going to call this right now.  Chris Simms or Brian Griese will be dressed in blue and white by the start of the season.  Either option is great for the Colts because these veteran quaterbacks will provide much needed competition to see if Sorgi is really ready for prime time.  It also provides the Colts with a viable insurance policy if Petyon gets injured.

What can the Bucs expect from this deal?  Not a ton, but maybe a fourth or fifth for Simms or a sixth for Griese. 

Why is this deal better than Glenn for Simms?  Well, it may not be in terms of talent, but I feel more comfortable with Simms playing in the AFC than in Dallas.  I have nothing but respect for Brad Johnson, but he is too old to play for more than a couple of quarters.  If we face Dallas in the playoffs, I would rather Gaines and Co had to chase down Brad than Chris.