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NFL should rethink Reebok Exclusive Rights Deal

The NFL needs to quit depriving its fans and get rid of the exclusive rights deal with Reebok. The main reason? Reebok is lacking in the Apparel department, specifically in the Hat Department. Checkout what MLB has done with its apparel: Nike, New Era, Twins Franchise etc. Granted MLB players actually wear hats as part of their uniforms, but who didn’t come out of the womb with a ball cap on? Whether it’s the NFL, MLB, or the NBA; fans wear hats a lot.

Why would you limit yourself to one outfitter, especially an outfitter like Reebok who can’t seem to manufacture a decent hat? They’ve yet to realize that you can actually color code the NFL Shield to match the team in which it’s accompanying. Nothing says ugly like the Bucs Red, Black, and White followed by Red, White, and Blue. I think we can all agree that is the premier supplier of Hats, professional or casual. They actually have more Tampa Bay Devil Rays hats, than Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hats…. Are you serious? Head over to if you feel like becoming depressed by the embarrassing selection of Bucs Hats for purchase. That’s not Lids fault, the blame falls squarely on Reebok and the NFL’s ignorance.

Check out the hats that could have Bucs logos and color schemes:

Now feast your eyes on the options we actually have as Buccaneer fans and consumers:

Unless Reebok miraculously figures out how to mimic New Era, Nike, and the Twins Franchises every move with their products, the entire NFL fan base is stuck like Chuck; as the NFL and its owners signed a 10 YEAR exclusive deal with Reebok in 2002… Ouch!! Who’s looking forward to next season’s hideous Draft Cap? What a disaster…