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Off Topic: NCAA Football '09 set to hit the shelves

This week the absolute greatest Video Game on earth gets released…

For those of you Florida State fans out there, this is the only venue in which you will enjoy marginal success. We are in for a disastrous year at Doak Campbell Stadium at Bobby Bowden field, but hey at least they installed Video Boards so they can continue to royally disregard key replays. Damn I’m bitter.

At any rate, the game will unveil new (breakaway tackles) and supposedly more fluid movements and juke moves. The player models have been upgraded to make college athletes look like, well, college athletes and not a bunch of Gladiators roaming the field. Another cool addition to the game, is touchdown celebrations. You can actually run to: teammates and celebrate, run to your teams mascot and celebrate, OR run to the opposing teams mascot and GLOAT, which In turn riles up the opponents home crowd, very nice addition. EA has also added more uniform combinations including FLORIDA STATE’s Black on Black UNCONQUERED unis.

Madden will be released a month from now, although it’s never as good as NCAA Football, this year’s edition should be a little more exciting for Buc Fans as we actually have another threat on offense outside of Joey Galloway (DJax), plus we should have a return game at our disposal… If you’re going out to get NCAA, don’t forget to jump on EBay and get your roster names, I don’t know what I would do without those!!!