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ESPN says Favre wants to play, but not for the Packers is reporting QB Brett Favre has asked the Green Bay Packers for his release, indicating he is not done playing Pro Football...





No way does he make down to Tampa, no way

(7:08 Eastern Time) NoahChestnut:

Now on's front page:

ESPN's Kevin Seifert (a former Minnesota Viking beat writer - most likely irrelevant and something that may only interest me as I believe that the Vikings want Favre more than anyone else, though no way Ted gives Favre to the Vikings) reports that Tampa is as close to a perfect fit as Favre can find.

Seifert makes a reasonable argument that Favre can learn Gruden's system easier than many may suspect due to Gruden's previous coaching in Green Bay and the Favre's familiarity with the west coast offense.

The question now is - how much are the Bucs willing to give up to get Favre.  I wouldn't be surprised if Gruden was willing to pull a mini New Orleans Ditka and trade a second and third round pick for Favre's services.

I am still in the Garcia camp, but the I wouldn't be surprised if this is all we here about before training camp.