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Simms to the Boys?

Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram reports that Jerry Jones is interested in adding another Buc to back up Tony Romo.

"The name that continues to float around Valley Ranch is former Texas star Chris Simms . . . "

It appears as though head coach Garrett Wade may not be fully confident in Brad's arm.

Johnson will be 40 in September, and in the one game he saw extensive time in last season — the regular-season finale in Washington — the team witnessed that his arm is no longer what it was when he was 30. They love his mind and professionalism, but should Romo go down for as much as one game the Cowboys want a passer who can keep defensive backs honest.

This move could be great for the Bucs as rumor has it Dallas may be willing to part with Terry Glenn for Simms.  I know Terry is old and injured, but I'll take my chances on an injured, aging, so-called "washed-up" Dallas receiver. I am not promising Joey's numbers, but Glenn could be a great addition to a questionable receiving corps. 

Since the Cowboys really don't have anything outside of Johnson, I think a fifth round pick may also be in the mix.