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Jeff Garcia: PLEASE SHUT UP!!

My goodness, Bucs QB Jeff Garcia keeps going on and on and for what? Check out his latest statement courtesy of Sirius Satellite Radio:

"For me to go into this season and if it doesn't work itself out, if a contract is not presented as far as a renewal and a chance to finish my career here, then I will seriously think about . . . what my alternate options may be. It may come to not even playing football anymore. And I'd hate to even say that, but I feel like when you mistreat people there comes a time when it doesn't matter how much money you're going to be paid. If you're not being treated the right way it's going to lead to some drastic decisions and those decisions may just take me away from the game." - from "The Man" Stephen Holder of the Bucs Beat

Is this guy serious? No really, he can't be!! What kind of appreciation are you looking for if it "Doesn't matter how much money you're going to be paid" ... I'm starting to dislike this guy again. Reality check, although you made the Playoffs with a team that was 4-12 the previous season, you didnt play that great. Not to mention your 80 years old, you are lucky the Bucs were desperate enough to bring you in... Now you're talking about potentially retiring because you're not being appreciated? If I'm starting to dislike you, Jon Gruden must hate you.... Ugly Ugly Ugly... Who is this guy?