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B.J. Askew played hurt last season

It's stories like this that shed light on situations, I as a fan had no idea even existed.. Last season and up until I read Anwar Richardson's Q&A with FB B.J. Askew, I could never grasp why the Bucs sparingly used Askew in games. Whenever Askew touched the ball he made something happen on a consistent basis. Granted he only had 18 receptions for 175 yards and ZERO touchdowns, but he appeared to be a gamer in the instances I saw him touch the pigskin. And so I questioned from week to week as to why Askew didnt get increased touches. He didn't get those touches due to a season long injury

"It was tough. Every game, I didn't k:now if I could make it or not. I pushed myself out there. I knew if I could get in a uniform, I could make it through." Askew said. - from Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune

I knew he had an injury, but I had no clue it was a week-to-week issue for Askew. It's crazy how one little piece of information can change one's opinion. This same situation happened with the Mets and then closer Braden Looper. He sucked as bad as one could possibly suck in that role and let it be known he had a shoulder injury (all season) after the season.

All I know is if Askew played well last year with a severe ankle strain, I can't wait to see what the healthy version can produce this season. Injuries have become the norm for Head Coach Jon Gruden and his stint in Tampa, you gotta wonder what he and his coaches could do with a injury free season...