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Please Welcome Noah Chestnut to Buc 'Em

The polls are closed and 23 year old Noah Chestnut from Los Angeles has reigned supreme. He will now become an author here at Buc 'Em and hopefully become a fixture and source for discussion.

TomTom and Stixx, I appreciate your efforts and at this time, I've elected to add one guy to the fray. Don't get discouraged though, anybody can write for Buc 'Em with the Sidebar "Fan Posts" Section and if your post is good or relevant, it will be pulled to the front page.... You guys did a great job and I'll be in contact with you in the future as i plan to include more writers here at Buc 'Em.

Enough rambling from me, I'm excited to have Chestnut come aboard and look forward to the perspective he provides... Noah the floor is yours . . .


I’ll be brief so I can start working on my first post.  I’ve been out of Tampa for five years now as I am currently a grad student at USC studying public diplomacy.  I used to play a little offensive line before I left for college and needless to say I am excited about the Bucs future with Davin, Faine, Sears and Trueblood.  In other news, Trueblood is also a correct answer to “what is a perfect football name?”.  At this time, I am also accepting Deatherage*,  Grizzle**, Alstott and anything Polish***.

Despite my geographic location, my college team is Florida State (in addition to my alma mater in the Big Ten, the fiesty Northwestern Wildcats).  Luckily I doubt I will ever have a conflict between these two teams in my lifetime.

I look forward to starting some controversy and I am excited to hear what y’all have to say.  Thanks to Jerry for giving me a chance, thanks to those who voted after reading the sample posts, and thank you Earnest for finally settling down.

I plan on getting my first blog post out later this week, but for now: Let's Go Rays!


*A former professor of mine

**A high school lineman from Lousianna

***Have you seen a World's Strongest Man Competition?