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Madden '09 Ratings unleashed!!

Check out the screen shots below for the Bucs projected Offensive and Defensive Madden Stat lines..


You know Garcia’s gotta be pissed about that 89 Rating, he probably see’s himself as a 97 or 98

I’m not sure I want to see Simms’ or Griese’s Ratings if the recently released Gradkowski came in with a 74

Graham an 84? Maybe I have a higher opinion of him, they’re probably dead on

An 88 for JOEY GALLOWAY!! Come on now, the man had over a 1,000 yards!! At the very least he’s a 91. He’s old, but not 88 old

I’m not sure I want to see DJax’s rating if Clayton is rocking a 78.. ugh

I know I’m bitching, but if Joseph is a 93, Faine’s gotta be up there, an 88?

I love that Dunn gets a 99 as the 3rd Down RB, way to go EA… umm


Marques Douglas as the starter opposite Gaines Adams? Really.. See Greg, you didn’t even impress EA, try again brother

Speaking of Greg White, an 83? Okay

R-E-S-P-E-C-T that’s what Derrick Brooks (93) and Ronde Barber (92) got from EA Sports and they deserve it!!

Like real life, Aqib Talib (80) is on Phillip Buchanon’s (82) Jersey tail

It’s good to see the Italian Stallion aka Sabby Piscitelli’s name in writing

Gaines if only you had laid off those Big Mac’s you might be sporting a 90-something, I kid because I care

In the end, I feel this team is better than the public perception gives it credit for, but they havent done much to earn that respect publicly. They won a division in a division that was considered weak from top to bottom. Who will be the first to edit their EA generated scores? Alex Smith? Jeff Garcia? They’ll have to wait until August 12th to do so… more like the general public does. Smith is probably at home playing Madden ’09 in preparation for the Superbowl Week Madden Tourney…. Lucky joker!