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Link Dump: Graham, Spurrier, Simms, Gruden

There's two things you've got to know about FanFest - it's gonna be hot and there's gonna be great fans here," said Kiffin, whose voice began straining by his third sentence. "Winning affects this whole town. When we don't win, restaurants shut down early, our bars shut down early. Isn't it fun to go to work when the Bucs win?" – Monte Kiffin from last Saturday’s Fan Fest

The restaurants shutting down early, sure, but the bars? Nah…

"I like Chris Simms. I don't necessarily agree. But I'm going to coach the quarterbacks who are here." – Head Coach Jon Gruden in response to Simms accusations" last week.

What a tough situation… Imagine how awkward it has to be for Simms to be around any part of this organization. He’s probably lived with it for a while, but I bet it gets worse from here before it gets better. I see one series in Pre-Season play (in a Bucs uni) in Simms future and then he’s let go. Disgusting outcome for sure

"Right now in the league, it's not a unique situation for people to discuss these type of things in the offseason. And that’s fine. Earnest is a great young man and I’m sure it’s going to work out." Bucs GM Bruce Allen – Joe Smith of the Bucs B E A T

Contrary to the publics belief, Graham has never attended Off-Season OTA’s and has said as much this off-season. I don’t think he’s in a position to hold out or create a situation over not receiving a contract extension. Although he had a breakout season, there are guys in the stables waiting for their chance (Ghosthippo, don’t count out Caddy just yet)…

"The Ol' Ball Coach was in town for a reunion of 1960s-era Florida players this weekend at Innisbrook." – Stephen Holder of the Bucs Beat

Scott from Bucs Stats had a pretty funny rendition of Spurrier’s return to Tampa… In Spurrier discussions, his Buccaneers days always come up and I’ve yet to understand why: He played ONE season, had a horrible outcome record wise, and that was it… If you blink you missed, yet one would think he played for the Bucs for at least a decade… Dang I hate the Gators (sorry Bull Gator, it’s the Nole in me)

I just have a few pounds to lose to get back where I want to be before I get to camp," he said. "I feel good. I just have to go out and compete. Nothing's been giving to me. There's competition at flanker. Okay. I'll deal with it. I've been here." – WR Ike Hilliard on returning from injury via Bucs Beat

Call me crazy, but I still feel its Galloway, Hilliard, and the rest of the competition. Yeah, Ike is turning 32 years old, but he turned 31 years old last season and Gruden stuck by him. Ike had a nice season as well. Sure you want more production, but this is the Bucs offense we’re talking about…