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Pewter Report with a Pewter Petition for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buc 'Em contributer Stixx has pointed out in the past that we should attempt to put together some type of Buccaneers "Ring of Honor" ... the fellas from the Pewter Report have one upped Stixx and started a petition for Bucs Fans to electronically sign in order to get the Franchise to (A) - Put up a "Ring of Honor" around the stadium facing the field with Bucs Greats and their Retired Jersey numbers for all stadium guests to see -OR- (B) Have the Bucs install a "Bucs Hall of Fame" at Ray Jay or One Buc Place "where fans can view historic Bucs memorabilia, watch some of the team’s best highlights and see the Lombardi Trophy". The results of the petition are currently available at the Pewter Report. 81% of 1200+ voters are craving the "Bucs Ring of Honor" and I have to agree with them. It would be sweeet to see some Jersey Numbers and Names hanging around Raymond James Stadium. The Pewter Report plans to turnover the petition to the Buccaneers Franchise at seasons end in hopes of starting the fire to have our greats remembered

Be sure to fulfill your civic duty by going over to the Pewter Report and voting for whichever option you would like to see the Bucs implement... If this works, maybe they can get to do the same for Florida State Fans...