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5th Round Draft Pick, QB Josh Johnson, adjusting to NFL Life

Tampa Bay Buccaneer 5th Round Draft Pick Quarterback Josh Johnson is adjusting to the Pro Life. Surprisingly its a lot like his freshman year in college:

"It’s like you’re a freshman," Johnson said, shortly after his first practice as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. "The way I was thinking about it is like you went from high school to college as a freshman. Now I’m just at the next freshman level for me. -

As expected, Josh was as nervous as anyone of us would have been had we taken the field as a Buccaneer:

There was a little bit of extra juice, just to be back on the field," Johnson said. "You’ve got to get your feet wet, but once practice was on, it was football again. It kind of became reality," Johnson said, referring to the first time he pulled on his Buccaneers practice jersey. "Finally today it hit me that I have an opportunity to play for an NFL team, so that’s when it sank in" -

Josh Johnson on what its like to take the inevitable verbal beating from Head Coach Jon Gruden:

"Coach Gruden is awesome," Johnson said. "He’s intense, but I like coaches like that. It makes you get better when somebody is pushing you all the time. You know everything he’s saying is only going to help you; it’s not to make you worse. You have to look at it like that. He’s intense, but he’s always telling you something that can only help you. To me, I’ve been coached like that my whole life, so I’m really used to guys getting in your face. The way I look at it, he’s teaching me something so all I can do is listen." -

Josh Johnson hopes to eventually get an opportunity to play and run with that opportunity:

"I’m just taking [this experience] and trying to learn as much as I can and go out on the field and execute," Johnson said. "I want to come away with a good impression on the coaches that I can learn and get better every day and take coaching. I want to go out and execute and show my teammates around me that I can be a leader. I just want to be a great team player and learn from the veterans and learn from coach Gruden and just continue to get better every day. Hopefully when I get my opportunity to play I’ll just take it and run with it" -

I know I didnt want the bucs to draft another quarterback, but consider me one of Josh Johnson's biggest supporters. I hope he makes it to the NFL in lightning fashion. By that I don't mean in Week 1 of the Regular Season, but I hope once Jeff Garcia calls it quits or becomes a Free Agent, that Josh Johnson is ready and raring to be our starting Quarterback. Like Gruden said in the article, "We've got a long way to go – that's about the best way I can sum it up. But work will get done and it will take some time" .... It will take some time. If it does (and one can only hope it would), that can only spell good things for the Bucs, as the only way JJ would see the field is if disaster strikes..