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Head Coach Jon Gruden liked what he saw this weekend

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wrapped up their Rookie Mini Camp this weekend. Of the 60+ players who showed up for tryouts, only THREE players were told to come back when camp resumes on May 16th. Those players are listed below along with Head Coach Jon Gruden's take on the 7 Rookies he helped GM Bruce Allen Draft:

Gruden on 2nd Round Draft Pick WR Dexter Jackson and 7th Round Draft Pick RB Cory Boyd:

"Some of these guys, maybe we’re just doing a little bit more than they’re accustomed to this time of the year. But Boyd is fine. Dexter Jackson was limited here, but I think they understand that they better be ready to go on May 16."

Gruden on 4th Round Draft Pick Dre' Moore:

"He’s an explosive big man," Gruden said. "I think he’ll be the first to tell you his stamina is going to be an issue. He’s got to get in much better condition, and that’s why we have that factory over there, that industrial, weight room machine factory over there. We’ll get him in there. He is strong, very powerful, but I think the stamina needs to be addressed and it’ll be addressed. Hopefully he starts it himself here as he leaves the building."

Gruden on 5th Round Draft Pick QB Josh Johnson:

"I like him," Gruden said. "I’ll say it again and again – it’s going to be an exciting process. Reps at the quarterback position – I keep reading how we have seven or eight triggers, so he might not get any reps, but we’ll do our best to get him ready. We’re excited about him"

Gruden on 6th Round Draft Pick LB Geno Hayes:

"He has athletic ability," Gruden said. "He’s what’s advertised. He’s going to be a good contact player, I think, when we start putting pads on. He’s instinctive, he has good functional speed and he appears natural. He appears comfortable in this defense, and we’re excited about that"

Gruden on the Three Undrafted Rookies who made the cut:

"We have 58 or 59 guys [out here for the weekend], but we had a linebacker, Ron McCullough from Bethune Cookman, Stan White, a fullback from Ohio State, and John Rochford, a center from Miami, three guys that the staff voted on that really stood out in terms of their effort," Gruden said. "I have a lot of respect for those guys. We gave them their helmets to take home with them and use as a piece of motivation to hopefully keep things working where they get an opportunity some day."

Talk of an industrial weight room like Gruden described makes my muscles cramp up. I love the fact that the three undrafted rookies get to take home their Rookie Mini-Camp helmets for motivational and "Look Ma and Pa, what I got" moments... Good stuff. I'm happy for Geno Hayes as well. Apparently he showed out pretty well. Good for him. I'm sure Gruden kind of laughed off the Quarterback reps situation, but its a real concern. Although probably not a huge concern for a 5th Round Quarterback who'll be carrying a clipboard ALL OF 2008!!!! I know its only May 5th, but i was a little disappointed 2nd Round Draft Pick Dexter Jackson was hampered by a hamstring injury. I'm ready to see a WR/PR BREAKOUT!!!