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Bucs extend contract to USF WR Amarri Jackson

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have extended a contract to South Florida Wide Receiver Amarri Jackson reports St. Pete Times writer Greg Auman (Not to be confused with Amen, sorry)...

I'm not quite sure why this excites me like it does (maybe its the margaritas in me, long live Cinco de Mayo). Jackson's career has been up and down from the get go. He's notorious for dropping big passes and fading into the background, but i guess i want a receiver (young that is) to succeed sooo very badly that I'm willing to back just about anyone. Not to mention, its nice to add to our team of Jax's: DJax (WR Dexter Jackson), TJax (S Tanard Jackson), and the newly soon-to-be-signed AJax (WR Amarri Jackson)...

Welcome to the fray Greg and nice work Bruce Allen, the past couple weeks have been great to be a Bucs fan!!