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Gaines Adams to admit he has a bad habit


What was that bad habit Gaines Adams admits to having (or have had)?

"He admits he had a consistent diet of junk food from McDonald's and other fast-food joints." - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

HOLY FREAKNASTY!!! Can you believe that? I gotta admit I'm pretty relieved. I figured it wouldnt be anything big as TMZ and ProFootballTalk did not unleash this story before Holder could shed light on it... so whew! Hopefully Gaines can turn into a physical beast all the while retaining his speed and ability to out finesse the o-line.. Gaines I'm with you on the fast food buddy, its so easy and there's no dishes to wash afterwards, unless you count the bowl aka the porcelain goddess.. sorry

Buried in a Bucs Beat post about nothingness Tampa's four-strong who remain from 2002's Super bowl Roster, St. Pete Times writer Stephen Holder hints to an interesting disclosure from Gaines Adams:

"You might want to check out tomorrow's story on Gaines Adams in which he makes a pretty honest admission about a bad habit of his. You'll see what I mean." - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

If that doesnt get your heart pumping I don't know what will, please note the sarcasm.. What a slow off-season. At any rate, be sure to check-in and see what Adams owns up too. I'm also working on getting the poll up for the Bucs Ring-of-Honor.. in time, in time