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Tampa Bay Bucs Receiving Corps as fragile as ever?

Going into Last Season our Wide Receiving Corps was one of the (if not the) weakest in the league.. Fast forward to present day and that verbage continues to ring true as evidence by the Bucs bringing in not one, not two, but three more Wide Receivers to audition for starting jobs... This is getting ridiculous

The Bucs have invited old man Eric Moulds, old man Eddie Kennison, and no-name Bryan Gilmore to become Tampa Bay Buc Wide Receivers... eh. This doesnt bode well for the current guys on the roster. Dexter Jackson will certainly bring some excitement to the table, but who else will show up? Clayton? Stovall? Bryant? At least Galloway and Hilliard will come to play

It's insanely early, but bringing in these three guys for looks doesnt exude confidence in one's current corps of Receivers, yikes...