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Greg White still same old "D" despite contract woes

What has Greg White been busy doing all off-season outside of eating, sleeping, hanging out, getting in shape, working hard, and getting stronger? He's been busy becoming a father. A dog-father of a Boxer Puppie.

"Yeah, I got me a little puppy now, a boxer, so I’ve taken a little time for that," White laughed on Wednesday after trudging off the Buccaneers’ practice field. -

Last off-season I wanted to post a story about Chris Hovan and his two dogs but never got around to it, so Greg White bailed me out. You would think Greg White would be a bitter man by all accounts this off-season, but he seems more determined than ever to make this NFL thing work. That only bodes well for the Bucs and Monte Kiffins defense.

Greg White on he and Gaines Adams progression together:

"We kind of know each other better now and we get the opportunity to work the full year instead of just odd times," White said. "We kind of came together last year when we went in on nickel defense. Then he progressed to starting and I stayed on nickel defense, but we’re coming together slowly but surely. A lot of people are hoping (try the entire fan base my man) that we get together and become a tandem. We both can rush the passer, but he has a different style. He’s 6-6 and I’m 6-3, so it’s a little different. But I’m definitely looking forward to it." -

I figured he would have more of a rapport with DT Jovan Haye then he would with Gaines Adams since he physically lines up along side Haye, but what do i know.. It's amazing how the defense continues to evolve into this younger offensive killing machine, while our offense throughout the years has never put together two consistent years back-to-back..