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Tampa Bay Rookie is officially on a Football Card

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie WR Dexter Jackson has finally made it to the big leagues. This past Saturday, the 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick took time out of his day to do a photo shoot for Donruss and Upper Deck trading card companies (What happened to Topps?). He was among several other NFL Draft Picks: Darren McFadden (Oakland), Matt Ryan (Atlanta), Jake Long (Miami), and DeSean Jackson (Philly) etc etc...

For DJax this was a surreal moment:

"It's crazy," said Tampa Bay receiver Dexter Jackson. "Just awhile ago we were in college uniforms, now we're in NFL uniforms. We're all happy to be here. It kind of sinks in when we're all together, seeing us all in different uniforms." - Frank Tadych of

I don't know about you, but I'm happy to see DJax flying diving through the air for football card photos. I know Gruden's happy. Jackson missed a bit of time during the teams Rookie Mini-Camp, but should be raring to go during this weeks continuation of OTAs...