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Buc News: Haye Signs, Garcia Whines, Griese trys

The Bucs have signed FB B.J. Askew to a 4 year deal worth approximately 8.6 Million.

I didnt realize the Bucs valued Askew that much. He rarely ever got the ball on offense, though when he did he did nothing short of gain yardage. Hopefully Gruden incorporates him more in the offense in the coming years, as he has great instincts and a fantastic motor....

DT Jovan Haye has finally signed his one year contract reports the St. Pete Times.

Haye signed a one year deal for $2 million bucks. He's coming off a breakout season in which he had 6 sacks. I really liked Haye, he seemed to get better as the season went on and he has a fun flare to his personality. Hopefully DE Greg White looks at Haye's contract and follows suit. Neither have the experience or track record to demand much of a pay increase or years....

QB Jeff Garcia is still complaining about his lack of a contract extension.

I think everyone outside of Garcia and his agent agree with GM Bruce Allen and his handling of his 38 year old QB's contract demands. It's like Garcia has yet to realize that all the QB's he claims to produce as much as are light years younger than he. Sure production is production, but age plays into that and the Bucs arent going to give him loads of money for one decent season. Garcia's talking about skipping voluntary mini-camps, hopefully he realizes he has absolutely no leverage. If he tanks it this season or holds out, his career is over, if he plays well, just maybe the Bucs reward him, but its highly unlikely. Why not just have fun and play your final years out without worrying about that last paycheck, you should have saved enough along the course of your career any way...

QB Brian Griese is looking to get back to the way he was several years ago in Tampa, he's no longer angry at Head Coach Jon Gruden for trading for him this off-season

How depressing would it be to see Garcia get hurt and Griese actually have to take the reins, yuck... Hopefully Garcia quits pissing on the 2 million he's due this season and just plays healthy ball. Garcia goes down early and this could easily be a transition aka lost year

Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Cadillac Williams continues to make his way back to the playing field. He goes so far as to say he ought to be ready by July

I don't think I've ever wanted another player to regain his health, form, and become a consistent contributer like Caddy (Maybe Alstott). He's so genuine and seems like he's doing everything he can to see the field. The fan base is with you man. Take your time...

The Super bowl to be hosted by Tampa is only 263 days away. You can volunteer to help promote the event by clicking here and then clicking the volunteer link.

That would be a pretty cool event to be apart of, i mean, not everybody gets to be a part of the Superbowl. Imagine if you volunteered and your post was to inform guests at the local Hilton about the ball game, in other words, youre light years away from the stadium and festivities. Um yeah.. Go volunteer though