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Bucs Rookie Jeremy Zuttah expects to play at Guard

With the 3rd Pick in last weekends NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected versatile OL Jeremy Zuttah from Rutgers University, a school that produced a 2,000 yard rusher and two 1,000 yard receivers during Zuttah's tenure. Alot of fans were puzzled by the drafting of the o-lineman in the 3rd round, speculating whether its wise to use a 3rd round pick on what appears to be a back-up/role player.

The Offensive Line as of right now shakes out as such: LT Luke Petitgout, LG Arron Sears, OC Jeff Faine, RG Davin Joseph, and RT Jeremy Trueblood... Arron Sears and back-up Dan Buenning may want to prepare for a battle for their jobs this off-season:

"I think I will probably be an inside [lineman]," Zuttah said. "They have a lot of young linemen, a lot of people playing a lot of different positions. I think one of the things they liked about me was my versatility, so nothing is set in stone, [but] I think right now it is likely I will be inside." -

Zuttah's definitely not taking Davin Joseph's position on the line, but with the rash of injuries this team has suffered under Jon Gruden's watch, it wouldnt be a shock to see Zuttah play all across the line this season. Zuttah, like me, graduated with an Economics degree so that makes him a pretty bright fella, did i say that out loud? I apologize. Here's Zuttah on growing with the rest of the Bucs Young Line:

"Coach [Jon] Gruden and Coach [Bill] Muir told me that they have a very young offensive line right now, a lot of guys that are familiar to me from the college football ranks, guys like Arron Sears and Jeff Faine," said Zuttah. "It is good to have everybody young and everybody on the same page. We will grow up together and mature together in the league, and hopefully come together as a solid unit" -

This is the first time in a long time where the offensive line actually looks to be a concrete unit. Meaning there isnt John Doe being acquired and thrown into the line. Give this line a couple years to grow and we could have something real nice in Tampa...

Had to post this once more: