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Draft Day Hat: You better go out and get one, on second thought, don't

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Every year Reebok (or whoever the league does business with) issues a New NFL Draft Day Hat.. With every passing year the hat gets uglier and uglier. Go ahead, take a moment to take in this years Draft Hat.. Still with me?

First of all, when did the mesh trucker hat concept come in style? Was that the Von Dutch fad from years ago? Who had the bright idea to combine the mesh trucker hat with the world beating fitted ball cap? Secondly, how many different colors does this hat have? Nevermind the eye popping (more like eye gouging) thread that was used... Lastly, when will the NFL realize that it can color coordinate its NFL Shield to each respective teams colors. Nothing looks worse on a Bucs Red, Pewter, and Black hat (jersey, t-shirt etc) than royal blue stitching within the NFL Shield. Come on, even MLB has it right...

If you must have the hat in this post, go find it online yourself, there's no way I'm contributing a link to that absurdity...